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Stone Smiths Slash Dab Pen Product Review

stonesmiths slash review

StoneSmith Slash Review

A new contender in the ever-growing market of vape pens - the Stone Smiths Slash Concentrate Vaporizer is a portable pen-style concentrate vaporizer from StoneSmiths. As soon as I open the box, I am presented with a vaporizer that looks very promising which is unsurprising since it is rumored to offer a different concentrate vaping experience and to be comparable to the best.

The first thing you may notice is that the Slash dab pen is a bit thicker than other pens with its ¾ inch diameter but a worthy trade-off for the 1000 mAh battery. With an elegant high-quality black chrome finish and a 45° mouthpiece, it stands out from the rest. Digging through the Slash kit box you’ll find a USB-C port charger on top and instructional booklet, six compartment silicone container, a silicone shield, a replacement tool, and an extra silicone mouthpiece underneath.

Upon the first usage of the StoneSmith Slash vape pen, you’ll notice the convenient magnetic mouthpiece able to be put any way 360° with the built-in loading tool and dab tool. Like most other dab pens, five clicks turn it on and it came with 2/3 of its battery charged, so it was able to use it right out the box. I scooped up some concentrate into the coil-less ceramic heating chamber to make sure I don’t run it dry. Much like other vapes, it has three temperature settings - low, medium, high - able to change with three presses of the button. Though I can use like any other wax pens, it also comes with a 12-second auto mode where you press twice and it continuously runs. Once I inhaled it was a TERP PARTY in my mouth. This device will give you maximum flavor out of your concentrates. It may have been because of the unique airflow path and the ergonomic mouthpiece.

I lived with the StoneSmiths’ Slash for a week testing out many different concentrates and with all three settings. I was never disappointed. The battery would easily last me over a day and no matter what type of concentrate I threw in there I got the full terp spectrum. Even with lower end wax concentrates it tasted better than hitting it off the dab rig or using other coiled vapes. Each setting hit exactly as you would assume. The green gives a bigger draw but losing some but not many terps and even more so for the red.

Now a little on the cons of the Slash vaporizer. The magnetically attached mouthpiece, though easy to put over your mouth, can get hot after some hits. Casual smokers won’t be affected by this but heavy users and when using with some friends, it can get hot. The piece underneath the mouthpiece and bowl is plastic so it’s a little harder to clean. Also, I feel it may wear out quicker. The ceramic bowl does get quite hot but is solved by adding the silicone sleeve it comes with which prevents burning and scratching if put down. All very minor things that can easily be worked around.


On our online smoke shop, we have all the colors available, Gunmetal, Stainless Steal (Silver), and Matte Black. Also, the Slash Chamber (atomizer) for a replacement is available.

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