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Ash Catchers for Bongs

45 Degree Joint Angle Ash Catcher - 14mm
$29.99 USD
18mm Ash Catcher
$29.99 USD
14mm Ash Catcher
$29.99 USD
11 Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher - 45 Degree Joint
$38.99 USD $39.99 USD

Ash catchers for bongs help you take toking to a whole new level! Elevate the experience of an already (seemingly) perfect glass bong by adding an extra level of percolation in the form of a bong precooler. Get ready for insanely clean, filtrated, and smooth rips each and every time.

Enhance Your Smoking Experience

These nifty devices are cheap and even go so far as to keep your glass water pipes cleaner than the norm (it's gotta be all that added filtration!). It’s true! Ash catchers are designed to — you guessed it — catch ash. That means less dirty ash getting through to the rest of your pipe. Add an ash catcher to your bong today and enjoy a cleaner piece for longer.

You can use a bong precooler on any bong, dab rig, or recycler at any place, any time! It's a win-win with the right scientific glass ash catcher for you. Just make sure you match up the size, angle, and gender of your catcher to your favorite bong. Need help with exactly how to figure out the specifics of your rig? We got you.

High-Quality Products and Low Costs

Imagine your clean water pipes as the centerpiece of your living room. Now imagine you’ve got friends coming over to smoke with you. Don’t you want to give them the best smoke session you can? That’s where your bong ash catchers come in.

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