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Dry Herb and WAX Atomizers / Coils / Chambers

Lookah Seahorse 510 Coil V (Pack of 4)
$39.99 USD
Yocan CYLO Coil (Pack of 5)
$25.99 USD $29.99 USD
Focus V Carta 2 Wax Atomizer - INTELLI-CORE™
$69.99 USD
Lookah Seahorse Coil Ⅲ - Ceramic Tube 510 Thread Coil (3-Pack)
$39.99 USD
Yocan ZEN Coil (C4-DE) [Pack of 5]
$24.99 USD
Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Quartz Atomizer
$49.95 USD
Pulsar Sipper Atomizer (Triple Quartz Coil) [Pack of 5]
$39.99 USD
Boundless Terp Pen Coils (Pack of 5)
from $22.00 USD
Dr. Dabber - XS e-Chamber/Atomizer
$34.99 USD
OOZE Booster Ony Atomizer (Pack of 5)
$39.99 USD
Ooze Electro Barrel eRig Atomizer (Pack of 5)
$39.99 USD
OOZE Beacon Onyx Atomizer and Mouthpiece
$19.99 USD
Lookah Seahorse Coils (510 Threaded)
from $29.99 USD
Yocan UNI Atomizer - Pack of 5
$29.99 USD
Focus V INTELLI-CORE™ Carta 2 Dry Herb Atomizer
$34.99 USD
SeshGear Dabtron Coilless Quartz Atomizer (5 Pack)
$37.99 USD $39.99 USD
Wulf Mods x Yocan Evolve Plus XL Duo Dry Herb Atomizer
$24.99 USD
Lookah 710 Quartz Wax Dish Coils (5 Pack)
$44.99 USD
The Kind Pen - Don Atomizer
$32.99 USD $34.99 USD
Yocan - Orbit Quartz Coils - 5 Pack
$47.99 USD

What is an Atomizer?

An atomizer is part of a vaporizer that heats up the material, such as dry herb or wax, being vaped, turning it into a vapor that can be puffed or smoked.

What is a Coil?

The coil is usually a tony rod or looped wire. composed of a resistant wire, which is wrapped around a wick or placed onto a ceramic dish. The wick is usually made of cotton or silica. When the vaporizer is turned ON, the coil is the actual part that heats up and vaporizes the material.

What is a Chamber?

A chamber typically looks like a compartment or tank, where one would put their preferred materials such as dry herbs or concentrates. It is also sometimes called a Vaporizer Bowl or Oven.

These three terms are usually used interchangeably when talking about vaporizers or vaping. However, these three terms refer to three different parts.

Atomizer, Coils, and Chambers for Dummies

Basically, the atomizer is the part that houses the coil in a vaporizer, if applicable. An atomizer can also be called a tank or a chamber whether it has coils or is coil-less.