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Bong Bowls, Sliders, and Glass Bowl Pieces for Sale

18mm Female Slider Glass Bowl
$8.99 USD $14.99 USD
10mm Female Glass Bowl
$14.99 USD

Accidentally drop your glass bong bowl piece when you were hitting that fat rip? Don't trip — KING's Pipe has you covered! We offer a variety of 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm herb bowls including female and male options. Our collection also includes slider bowls, one-hitters, and snapper bowls in an assortment of styles.

Choose from flower designs or embossed colored glass accents that prevent your fingers from touching hot glass. Browse our stock of premium-quality, Borosilicate glass bowl pieces that are as strong as they are reasonably priced.

Find the Perfect Glass Bowl Piece

Let your personality shine with our bong bowl pieces. Rock a scary shark or a funky mushroom with your favorite themed glass bowl piece by Empire Glass or other brands. Our designs are unique and varied, so explore to find the one that matches your glass bong.

The best part? Some of our herb bowls are under $10! Shop the classic, streamlined cup designs for our most affordable pieces.

Explore our collection to experience the KING’s Pipe difference for yourself. Shop now!

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