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Tornado Bongs and Rigs

KING's Pipe Glass - Cyclone Tornado Bong
$89.99 USD $129.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - Single Tornado Perc Bong
$69.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - Tornado & Honeycomb Mix Bong
$84.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - Double Tornado Perc Water Bong
$79.99 USD $84.99 USD
The Kind Pen - Giggles Inline to Turbine Perc Glass Bong
$159.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 16'' Double Tornado Straight Water Bong
$99.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 16 inch Tornado to Tree Perc Bong
$109.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 16'' Honeycomb to Tornado Straight Bong
$99.99 USD

Tornado bongs and dab rigs, also called cyclone bongs, are a popular way to smoke up like honeycomb bongs. Simply take a hit and watch the water and smoke swirl in the glass chamber.

KING's Pipe scientific bongs, water pipes, recyclers, and oil rigs are packed with tornado disc percolators, also known as turbine cyclone percs. They’re some of our best sellers to date! Take a fat smoke-swirling rip while watching the water in your pipe spiral. Maximum diffusion matched with saucy visuals… what could be better?

Few water pipes are as impressive and hypnotizing. Get ready to be everyone’s best friend when you bust out your new bong.

Smooth, Clean Hits

Instead of breaking the smoke into bubbles like your traditional percolator, a cyclone bong rapidly cycles water around the chamber when you take a hit. You get the same cooling benefits as normal perc but with way better visuals.

One of the best parts of these bongs is the tornado percs are stackable. That means you can add percs for extra filtration. You can even match it up with honeycomb perc!

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a tornado bong today!

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