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Baby Elephant Glass Pipe
$17.99 USD $19.99 USD

Glass Steamroller Pipes

If you think steamroller pipes are just another hand pipe, think again. These beautifully crafted pieces are designed to get you big, flavorful, impressive hits. It all comes in a tiny package that it would be a mistake to underestimate.

With more than a dozen unique designs, you can find the perfect pipe to reflect your style. From glitter and skulls to bananas and baby elephants, KING’s Pipe has the steamrollers you’re looking for. Add one of these pipes to your collection and get ready to enjoy the endless compliments.

What Are Glass Steamrollers?

A steamroller resembles a conventional pipe but functions very differently. The carb hole is strategically placed on the end rather than the side of the pipe to produce bigger hits. There’s also a hole at the end of the steamroller that provides resistance-free airflow, making these bad boys perfect for group seshes and sharing with friends.

Note that the larger bowls on steamroller pipes may cause users to overpack their bowls, or to pack too loosely so it burns too fast. Most folks will find the bowl the perfect size after a bit of practice.

Shop High-Quality Glass Steamrollers from KING’s Pipe

When you shop with KING’s Pipe, you get high-quality products designed to last. All KING’s Pipe Glass pipes are inspected before they leave the glassblower’s warehouse. They’re durable and easy to clean so you can enjoy smoke after smoke.

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