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High Five Vape (High 5)

High Five DUO Electric Dab Rig
$199.99 USD $299.99 USD
High Five Duo Atomizer for WAX
$39.99 USD
High Five Duo Glass Attachment
$49.99 USD
High Five Duo Carb Cap
$29.99 USD
High Five DUO Bowl Insert Bucket - Quartz / Titanium
$19.99 USD
High Five - Duo Puffco Peak Glass Mouthpiece Adapter
$34.99 USD
High Five DUO SIC Insert Bowl (Silicone Carbide)
$59.99 USD
High Five MICRO e-Nail Kit with Quartz E-Banger 25mm
$204.99 USD $299.99 USD

High Five Vape is known to create and design e-nails, e-rigs, portable vaporizers, and concentrate/dry herb vaporizers. They also manufacture wax pens, rosin presses, and rosin accessories. The brand is continuously innovating new ways to improve the current state of vaporization. The High Five DUO is their most popular vaporizer today, and we have all the DUO accessories including the High Five Duo Atomizers in stock on our site.  The company focuses on providing customers with products that are reliable, user-friendly, and most especially- affordable. The brand's goal is to focus on affordability without sacrificing quality or reliability.