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Tree Perc Bongs and Rigs

14mm Ash Catcher
$29.99 USD

Named after their similarity to the branches and leafy rounded tops of trees, tree percs can have anywhere from 1 to an astounding 19 arms! These arms are individual flow paths, which you dip in water to create some hardcore stackage of bubbly filtration.

Any bong, water pipe, dab rig, or recycler that's built with these multi-arm percolators will provide a smooth, clean rip. Shop our selection to find your perfect rig today.

How Do These Beautiful Bongs Work?

These specialty bongs have a masterful process to filter your hits. The tree percolator is a tube inside the bong that stretches up through the middle. That tube attaches to a bunch of other arms up higher. Then, those arms descend from that attachment point into your bong water (this is where they resemble the branches of a tree).

The arms typically contain two to three slits in each. The true beauty of these bongs is the more slits you have, the more diffusion of your smoke, and the smoother the hit.

Experience the KING’s Pipe Difference

At KING’s Pipe, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality smoking devices and accessoriesat affordable prices you won’t find anywhere else. Get double tree perc bongs, honeycomb bongs, or any other bong you can imagine at a price that won’t break the bank.

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