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Dab Rite PRO™ Digital IR Thermometer
$299.99 USD
Terpometer (IR) Infrared Technology LE Dab Temp Reader
$177.99 USD
Dab Rite - Digital IR Thermometer (The Original V1.2)
$249.99 USD
Terp Timer by OCTAVE - Real Time Dab Temp Reader
$119.99 USD $149.00 USD
The Terpometer - Dab Temp Reader with Dabber
$124.99 USD

Technology has once again provided us with a dabbing accessory that will help us regulate temperature while enjoying our wax concentrates! A dab temp reader is definitely a masterpiece and a must-have for any serious dabber!

Explore Your Options

For the longest time, we’ve only had the Terpometer. Now, while that’s been and continues to be very popular, we’re proud to offer you even more options!

You may think that these accessories aren’t dabbing necessities, but once you’ve used them, you’ll see why they’re a crucial part of the dabbing process for many of our customers. After all, why risk potentially scorching your precious waxes or concentrates when there’s an easier way?

Make Dabbing a Breeze

With dab temp readers, dabbing has never been easier or more gratifying. These temp readers have superb features, like digital heat indicators and alarms, to streamline your dabbing experience.

Without the risk of overcooking or burning your concentrates, you don’t have to worry about wasted materials! Never again fear burning your product or — even worse — wasting an entire dab session because of it. Invest in a high-quality dab thermometer and enjoy your dab sessions with ease.

Shop Temp Readers from KING’s Pipe

Our unique dab thermometers are waiting for you to add them to your dabbing arsenal. Enjoy free domestic shipping on all orders, plus a Rewards program that — you guessed it — rewards you for shopping with us. Sign up to start earning points on your purchases today!