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MAV Glass - Double Arm Recycler
$249.99 USD $279.99 USD

Recycler Bongs for Sale

A recycler, also known as a recycler bong, is a water pipe or dab rig that consists of multiple chambers. These chambers pull smoke through and recycle it, allowing for optimum filtration and smoke production.

KING's Pipe has a cool selection of recycler water pipes, varying from Klein recyclers, recycler bongs, recycler dab rigs, and many more! These unique glass water bongs are often equipped with a flower bowl or dome and nail, a domeless nail, or sometimes a quartz banger nail for your legal oils and concentrates. Shop our selection now!

Get the Percs

In addition to having more than one chamber, a recycler bong also has built-in percolators like honeycomb discs, showerhead percs, or tornado percs. You know you're in for the smoothest flight of your life with these babies!

That’s one of the biggest perks of recycler rigs for sale: they get you smooth, clean, clear hits of your substance of choice. Say goodbye to the days of coughing or choking down your smoke. Even newbies can enjoy the benefits of these filtered, delicious hits.

Find Your Favorite Recycler Water Pipe

What are you waiting for? Browse and buy your American-made glass recycler bong now with KING’s Pipe’s affordable prices! Plus, you get free domestic shipping on all orders. Find a recycler rig for sale that’s got your name on it and get it fast and discreet!

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