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Sherlock Pipes & Bubblers

Empire Glassworks - Flower Glass Pipe
$99.99 USD
MAV Glass - Sherlock Pipe
$29.98 USD
MAV Glass - Mini Sherlock Glass Pipe
$19.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Corn Cob Glass Pipe
$124.99 USD
8'' Wavy Blue Fumed Sherlock Bubbler
$49.99 USD $59.99 USD

About Sherlock Bubblers and Pipes

When you hear "Sherlock pipes," you’d likely picture that classic pipe shape from our favorite characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Popeye, and Davy Jones from “Pirates of the Caribbean.” And you’d be right! A Sherlock bubbler has the same shape and design as a saxophone.

However, a glass Sherlock pipe doesn’t always have to have the classic brown body and black stem. These pipes can come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, colors, styles, and materials.

What Is a Sherlock Pipe?

Well, we already mentioned they’re pipe-shaped like the one smoked by the famous Sherlock Holmes. But more than that, the unique shape of these pipes allows the smoke to cool for a bit longer before you inhale it. That makes for cooler, smooth hits.

The carb hole on a Sherlock bubbler can be on the side or behind the bowl. Cover the carb to pause the flow of smoke and release it to travel through the mouthpiece again. Be careful — holding the smoke for too long can result in a hotter, harsher hit.

How Do I Use a Sherlock Pipe?

That depends on the type of pipe you’re using. Most Sherlock pipes operate just like any other dry pipe! Simply pack your glass Sherlock pipe lightly with your herb of choice. The key here is light — if you pack it too tight, your smoke session will be less efficient. You can always repack for another hit.

Once your bowl is packed, light it up, briefly hold the carb as you puff, release, and enjoy!

If you’re using a Sherlock bubbler, make sure you add water to your pipe before anything else. This will ensure proper filtration during your smoke session!

Find Your New Favorite Sherlock Pipes from KING’s Pipe

At King’s Pipe, we have a variety of pipes for you to match your own individual style. From sunflowers to corn cob pipes and more, we’ve got you covered.

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