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Best Bong Brands, Vape Manufacturers, & More

At KING's Pipe, we’re proud to bring you American-made products. That’s why we strive to provide you with the best bong brands, vape manufacturers, and dispensary accessories in the industry to date!

If you’re looking for name-brand bongs, vaporizers, and smoking accessories at low prices, you won’t find a better selection anywhere else. We’ve worked to develop long-lasting relationships with the smoking industry’s top-rated brands, glass artists, and manufacturers, including Yocan, The Kind Pen, Empire Glassworks, and our own KING’s Pipe Glass!

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Quality Brands Create Quality Products

Browse our wide array of the best bong brands making scientific glass water pipes, bubblers, recyclers, and more! These items are handcrafted by some of the most innovative and skilled glassblowers in the industry.

With dozens of name-brand bongs at your fingertips, you’re practically guaranteed to find your new favorite piece. Plus, these superior bongs are sure to become a conversation-starter at your next smoking get-together. (We won’t hold it against you if you brag about them. We would, too.)

Shop American-Branded Glass Products

Surf through our rad selection of affordable and built-to-last American glass bongs, dab oil rigs, and glass hand pipes. Bringing you premium smoking devices and accessories from the best bong brands is what we were built to do.

Shop now and get free shipping on all domestic orders from brands like MAV Glass, AMG Glass, and AFM Glass -- no matter how much you spend. Browse our bong companies list and get shopping today!