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Herb Grinders for Sale

2.5'' Four Layer Grinder
$24.99 USD $29.99 USD

Grinders are the handiest, most portable, and most popular smoking accessories to date. Each nifty dry herb grinder is packed with sharp, conveniently placed pegs (or "teeth"). These teeth are aligned in a way that shreds the grinder’s contents when its halves are rotated. This quickly and effectively chops up your dry herbs into usable, smokeable pieces.

At KING’s Pipe, we offer grinders made of metal or plastic in a multitude of colors, sizes, and finishes. Choose from our unique selection to find the style of grinder that’s perfect for your flower water pipe or herbal vaporizers.

High-Quality Grinders

Our herb grinders for sale have multiple chambers, each with its own specific use. For example, four-piece grinders have the following layers:

  • The first layer is the grinder and has the teeth.
  • The second is the coarse screen which catches what you grind.
  • The third is the fine screen that siphons and saves any pollen (or "kief").

Trust us, you want to save that kief! For a much more potent smoking experience, choose a dry herb grinder with a fine screen to do just that.

Buy a Grinder Online from KING’s Pipe

KING's Pipe has the perfect, affordable, and best quality herb grinders for sale! We source our selection from reputable manufacturers of polished metal grinders, including SLX, Santa Cruz Shredder, and Croc Crusher. Explore our collection and take home your new favorite smoking tool today with free domestic shipping.

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