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Chillum Pipes for Sale

Marley Natural - Smoked Glass Chillum
$24.99 USD $29.99 USD
Marley Natural Black Walnut Taster Glass Blunt
$29.99 USD $39.99 USD
7pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt
$38.99 USD $47.99 USD
7pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt MINI
$37.99 USD $42.99 USD

Chillums have been around for a long time, but have only gained popularity in the smoking world in the last few years. Glass chillums are among the most popular varieties, as they’re durable and heat evenly. Explore our selection to find your new favorite chillum today!

What Is a Chillum?

You can also call this pipe a “chillum one-hitter” or a “bat” because they’re typically only good for a single hit. They look like pipes but don’t have a carb hole on the side. These pipes are known for their strong and direct rips that are more potent than your average dry pipe.

The lack of a carb hole means you lose a bit of control over the airflow. But that means your bowl will burn for as long as it can sustain itself. This makes them great for group settings as they function as a traditional blunt. 

A solid glass chillum not only makes an excellent smoking tool for groups, but it also looks super cool. 7pipe and GRAV Labs in particular make stunning and very effective pipes.

A Brief Look at Chillum History

It’s believed that chillums were first used in India by holy men and Hindu monks, likely for thousands of years. Chillums are associated with spirituality and meditation throughout Eastern Europe and Asia.

So if you’re looking for a pipe with a rich backstory you can impress your friends with while you smoke, a chillum one-hitter is for you.

Why Use a Glass Chillum?

These handy pipes have so many benefits. Not only do you get strong, direct rips — you also get a pipe that’s easy to pack and clean, great for sharing, and features a small size that makes it easy to smoke discreetly. What’s not to love?

Find Your New Favorite Chillum at KING’s Pipe

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