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Grav Labs

Grav Labs - 10'' Hourglass Recycler - Black Accent
$199.99 USD
Grav Labs - Snic SMALL Beaker Bubbler Rig
$44.99 USD $52.99 USD
Grav Labs - Gravitron Gravity Bong - XL
$64.99 USD
Grav Labs - 12'' Beaker Base Bong
$109.99 USD
Grav Labs - 9'' Round Base Water Pipe
$99.99 USD

About Grav Labs

Austin, Texas-based Grav Labs definitely sticks to its name when it comes to its kick-ass selection of premium quality scientific glass water pipes, bongs, glass dab rigs, recyclers, glass pipes, and bubblers including their signature Helix technology that provides a larger area for your smoke to cool down and hella looks like souped-up versions of chemistry lab equipment matched with well functioning filtrating designs, making them a definite favorite in the smoking, toking, & dabbing industry!

The very well-known and absolutely best-selling Grav Labs all started with the invention of every college dorm's favorite pastime, making homemade bongs of course! With their thirst for a lifted existence and an urge for a break from the tediously mundane hustle of schoolwork, social activities, and adulting (or at least trying to), the very first Gravitron was born! Now proudly displayed in the Texas Grav Labs offices as a reminder of how far they have really come as a company. Grav Labs also offers a more refined yet still true to itself version of their original Gravitron with the Grav Labs - Gravitron Gravity Bong - XL! Another amazing innovation by Grav Labs is their unique Upline models, that function similar to recyclers with multiple chambers, but with a modern twist of stacking the chambers within a single larger chamber, creating an illusion of stacked glass chambers that provide the smoothest of tokes without sacrificing for a clean outer aesthetic. Catering to the old and new tokers of today! Proving that Grav Labs truly deserves its seat as one of the front runners of the glass water pipe community, today.

Grav Labs has nobody to thank but themselves and our wonderfully accepting, open-minded community for their success. Living by the motto and leading by the example of their coined term "Gravitude", which simply stated means "being grateful and optimistic. Celebrate your victories and look for meaning in your missteps. Have patience with yourself and others, and never be afraid to lend a hand or try something new", Grav Labs appeals to the kindness we all wish to see and spread in today's hectic environment. We here at KING's Pipe, your humble online headshop, can definitely relate to this love-filled movement and encourage you all to bask in the sharing of love & light with each other! While going in on a nice, fat bowl out of a classy ass Grav Labs water pipe, bubbler, glass pipe, or dab rig!

So if you're in the market for a crisp, clear, clean yet saucy ass piece of smoking glassware at awesomely affordable prices, then Grav Labs is sure to have the perfect tobacco toker or concentrate companion for you! KING's Pipe is definitely proud to be an authorized online retailer of the awesome and affordable Grav Labs production line of water pipes, oil rigs, bubblers, vapor straws, recyclers, glass pipes, and glass bongs.