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StoneSmith Slash Dab Pen



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Color: Gunmetal

StoneSmith Slash $8 Discount Code: SLASH 

Main Features

  • Compatible with Wax Concentrates
  • Canadian-designed Vaporizer
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece Attachment
  • Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, and Matte Black are available
  • 1000mAh Battery Capacity
  • Durable Zinc Alloy Material
  • Built-in Loading Tool
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Innovative Airflow Path
  • USB Type C Charging Port
  • Fast Charging
  • Auto Mode and Temp Mode Options
  • Adjustable Temperature Options
  • "Puffco Killer" Dab Pen

Stonesmiths' Slash Wax Pen Review & Tutorial



Material: Zinc
Color: Gunmetal / Silver (Stainless Steel) / MATTE BLACK 
Vaporizer Compatibility:Wax Concentrates
Heat Setting: 3 Temperature Settings
Heating Chamber: Ceramic Bowl (Coil-less)
Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh
Warranty: Manufacturer Warranty 

* Do not overload the dab. The Slash Dab Pen is not for the fat dabs!

What's in the Package

  • 1 StoneSmiths Slash Dab Pen
  • 1 Built-in Loading / Stirring Tool which comes with Silicone Attachment
  • 1 Extra Mouthpiece
  • 1 Extra Concentrate Bucket
  • 1 Type-C Charger

Product Description

There's never been a more best-selling wax vaporizer/dab pen than the Stone Smiths Slash Concentrate Vaporizer. Manufactured by a Canadian company, the Slash has quickly topped the sales charts in a short period of time because of its spectacular features. 

It is available in three colors- Gun Metal, Silver, and Matte Black. It has a magnetically attached mouthpiece and a unique airflow path. The cap of the coilless ceramic chamber is outfitted with a magnetic connection. It also has a convenient built-in loading tool which is 510-threaded.

With the Slash, you can adjust the temperature settings into three different levels. It also has an auto-mode wherein the temperature is set automatically. The unit is powered by a 1000 mAh battery and outfitted with a USB-C port for fast charging.

The package includes a silicone container with 6 separate compartments wherein you can store your materials. It also includes a black silicone sleeve that protects your device from scratches and protects your fingers from the heat emitted by the atomizer. The package also includes an extra silicone mouthpiece and an extra metal tool.

The Stonesmiths Slash is definitely ingeniously designed to produce more potent and more flavorful hits without burning or wasting any of your wax concentrates. It is definitely one of Stone Smiths' masterpieces.

Slash Dab Pen Instructions/Manuals

Auto Mode

  1. Double click the button quickly to engage auto-mode; wait 2 seconds and inhale.
  2. Auto-mode provides 12 seconds of continuous heating.

How to Set-Up the Slash Pen

  1. Quickly click the button 5 times to turn ON and OFF.
  2. Pull to detach the magnetic mouthpiece.
  3. Scoop up concentrate with the built-in tool.
  4. Load concentrates in the heating chamber and attach the mouthpiece properly.
  5. Press and hold the button down 4 seconds before inhaling.

Temperature / Modes

  • Click the button 3 times to cycle settings.
  • Red = High Temperature; Green = Medium Temperature; Blue; Low Temperature

The three white LED lights on top of the fire button indicate battery life:

  • One LED Flashing = Below 30%
  • One solid LED, second one flashing = 30% - 60%
  • Two solid LED, one flashing = 60% - 90%
  • Three solid LED = 90% - 100%

Cleaning / Maintenance

  1. Pre-heat the chamber to free up excess material before cleaning.
  2. Use a cotton swab after each use to remove the remaining by-product.
  3. Apply isopropyl alcohol to any non-silicon components to get better results. WARNING: Isopropyl alcohol might damage silicon components.
  4. For concentrate use only.


  1. Allow 4 seconds for the chamber to heat up before inhaling.
  2. Keep the built-in tool in the mouthpiece while inhaling.
  3. Slow long inhales yield the best results.
  4. Remove the tool while thoroughly cleaning.
  5. Only use the Slash chamber with Slash battery.


  1. Don't overfill the chamber
  2. Don't dry fire the device
  3. Used chambers are not covered under warranty

WARRANTY: You have 6 months warranty on your Stonesmith Slash that covers the battery. Chambers are not covered. For additional information on your warranty, go onto the warranty section of the StoneSmiths official website at stonesmiths.ca.

The Slash Atomizer Chamber for Sale

stonesmiths slash atomizer chamber
Stone Smiths Slash Vaporizer magnetic cap
Stone Smith Slash Vaporizer built in dabber tool
Stone Smith Slash Vaporizer unique airflow path
Stone Smith Slash Vaporizer ceramic chamber
stonesmith slash 3 power settings
stonesmiths slashVaporizer battery power indicator


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Customer Reviews

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StoneSmith Slash Dab Pen

Great product

Really cool vap device. I have a puffco plus and its better by a few things