Best E-Rigs 2020

Best E-Rigs 2020

by Dahlia Day

What are the Best Electric Dab Rigs in 2020?

In the old days, everyone used glass water pipes or hand pipes to smoke the dry herbs. Last few years, dabbing with oil rigs or nectar collectors has been popular. Dabbing is an efficient way to inhale a concentrated dose of canna from wax to shatter. However, most dabs require a blowtorch to heat up the titanium nail or quartz nail. 

Nonetheless, an innovation, electronic dab rigs (also known as e-rigs or e-nails) is the perfect alternative to a torch. An electric dab rig eliminates burning plant matter, permitting for a smoother inhalation with water filtration on the lungs.

Here are the best electric dab rigs on the market in 2020.

High Five DUO

Advertised as the smartest e-rig in the market today, the High Five DUO will definitely impress you with its technologically advanced features. It is equipped with the most precise and intelligent heating system particularly designed for the DUO.

The High Five DUO is conveniently compatible with dry herb and wax concentrates, which makes it a unique hybrid. The traditional rigs and most e-rigs are only compatible with wax concentrates. (Release of the attachment for dry herb to be announced.)

One of the main features of the DUO is the fast heat-up. It also has haptic feedback. It comes with 16mm quartz and titanium heating elements you can choose from and change depending on the material you would like to use. It has both pass-through and fast-charging capabilities. 

With the DUO, you can customize and personalize session time wherein the user has total temperature control and can adjust the duration of the session. It is outfitted with a unique stainless steel atomizer and air path made of medical-grade material. It is also outfitted with a magnetic cap. The LCD screen is programmed to show the status of the DUO along with the LED light indicator.

It comes with its own High Five-branded pouch. It also comes with a very informative manual which you will need when assembling the High Five DUO.

High Five DUO

Focus V Carta V2

The Focus V Carta V2 is an electric dab rig or a vape rig which is famous for its use with both dry herbs and concentrates with an add-on atomizer. 

It has four preset temperature settings, including 500, 630, 770, and 842 degrees Fahrenheit. The device heats up quickly with an average of 15 seconds under high temperatures and 10 seconds under low temperatures. An alternative way to control heat settings is to connect with your phone via Bluetooth. The app is available for iOS and Android and lets you control the temperatures easily.

The Carta V2 is packed with two premium bowls manufactured from titanium and quartz. The atomizer on the Focus V Carta vape consists of a high-quality build design called reverse threading, making it difficult to break. 

The Carta by Focus V is also packed with 2 pieces of 18350 1200 mAh batteries. The average hit per consumer before the battery runs down is 40 when on a single charge. 

The device charges quickly when connected to its USB-C cable. The 18350 removable batteries found on the Carta vape are easily replaceable with the Carta vape, and any batteries will work. The diversity of the 18350 batteries makes it suitable for travel or weekend trips.

Carta Focus V

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak was the first electric dab rig in the old and is among the top E-rigs due to its efficiency. Designed and engineered in Brooklyn, the Puffco Peak is a combined e-nail and dab rig that features fast heating time, haptic feedback, and portability. The Puffco Peak has four temperature settings, which include 450F, 500F, 550F, and 600F to provide enhanced vapor and efficiency. 

It has an attached high-grade ceramic bowl that extracts and produces thick. Since you can easily detach the ceramic bowl, it makes it easier for cleaning and maintenance.

The battery can last if you don’t take many dabs. However, the battery life is boosted with a quick charge, which charges for about two hours with the included supercharger. 

Puffco Peak Vaporizer

KandyPens Oura

The KandyPens Oura E-Rig is like most design patterns of other dab rigs, but with an additional KandyPens spin on it. The electric dab nail has a bell-shaped bubbler which distinguishes it from other electronic rigs in the market. The heating coil is found at the base and attaches to the front, and the atomizer can quickly move in and out. The device also has a detachable harness that connects the coil to the carb cap to increase portability during refills.

The heat-up time for the Oura to heat up to the lower temperature settings is five seconds, but for the Oura to heat up to higher temperatures, it will require about twenty seconds, which is still a perfect time. The heat-up time is reasonable when compared to other portable dab rigs. The bell-shaped bubbler can regulate the draw resistance to zero, which makes it easy to inhale the vapor.

The Oura has an excellent vapor quality which can easily match—or exceed—the vapor quality of competing brands. The top-quality vapor is also thick by nature, which is quite good as well. 

However, thick vapor can even be gotten through higher temperature settings. It's recommended to allow your device to heat up before placing your dab on the atomizer. If you are impatient to enable your device to heat up thoroughly, it can lead to smaller clouds. 

The Oura has one of the more long-lasting batteries in the market, and it averages about thirty minutes per session before it needs to be recharged. It can become more durable if you turn off sesh mode and choose lower temperatures. The USB-C charger that's packed with the device provides fast charging in less than an hour. Furthermore, you can use pass-through charging while waiting for the Oura to recharge, but it needs more charging time before use. 

Kandypens Oura

Pulsar Rok

The Pulsar RoK ( RöK refers to the smoke in Swedish terms) is among the most exciting portable dab rigs in the market. It measures precisely 6.75 inches tall and fits quite comfortably in hand because of the narrow middle section. 

The RöK by Pulsar Vaporizers can also vape both dry herbs and concentrates, which makes it more versatile than competing brands. This electronic dab rig also offers RöK mode, which is like the session mode found in other vape pens in the market. It holds the chosen temperature for about thirty seconds, so this removes the stress of continually holding down the power button. 

The RöK offers one of the best vapor qualities in a dab rig due to the disc percolator that filters the vapor. This device also comes with an excellent battery life, which can last for about twenty-five to thirty sessions. However, one downside to the battery is the long hours of charge. 

Pulsar RoK

G Pen Connect

We considered adding the Dr. Dabber Switch in the top 6. However, G Pen Connect, which is a dab nail alternative vaporizer E-Nail, has been more and more popular since it was released in 2019. This is not really an electric dab rig, but we decided to add the Connect in the list.  It is a compact adapter that converts your traditional dab rig with a glass on glass connection into an effective e-rig so that you can enjoy flavorful dabs in a convenient package. 

The unit is packed in a 4.5" x 6" black hemp zippered travel case that is like a medium-sized purse. The primary components of the device (battery, housing, and 14mm male adapter) can be found on the right-hand side of the travel kit, while a micro-USB charging cable and other accessories are discreetly packed on the other side of the case. 

You can easily switch through the essential temperatures settings by triple-clicking the one button on the battery: low (blue), medium (green), and high (red). After setting your temperature, you can begin heating your dab to enjoy the enhanced flavor.

This device doesn't support old-school bongs and ones which lack a glass on glass connector. 

The G Pen Connect is an excellent device for amateur flower enthusiasts who are still learning about concentrates. This device will easily attach to their existing pieces and stop the worry of ever using a butane torch.

G Pen Connect

To check all the electric dab rigs and E-Nail on our online smoke shop: here

What is your favorite electric dab rig? What E-Rig or E-Nail are you planning to get? Leave it in the comment below!

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My daily driver is the Carta but the high five duo is my next target 🎯👍😎

Mikey Pothead

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