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Dab Rig Basics

Dab Rig Basic Types

Dab Oil Rig Basic Types

Dabbing has never been the same since dab oil rigs became popular. Dab rigs (sometimes called oil or wax rigs) are basically water pipes/bongs created for use of wax concentrates. Dab Rigs are designed to withstand more heat than wax vaporizers and dab pens. This is so users can make the most out of their wax concentrates and prevent wasting any of their material.

When choosing a dab rig for the first time, you need not know all the specifications of the types of dab rigs, as some may differ depending on the manufacturer. All you need to know are the basics depending on your preferred material- oil or wax concentrate (Shatter, Hash, Crumble, etc.) In this article, we've enumerated the five (5) main types of dab rigs and how they differ in general.

There are varieties of dab rigs but there are 5 main types.

1. Glass Dab Rigs

Glass Dab Rigs

These are the traditional dab rigs purely made of glass. It doesn't necessarily mean that the bigger the glass dab rig, the better the flavor. Manufacturers are continuously coming up with ways of improving the portability of the glass rig while not sacrificing the quality and potency. The downside with some glass dab rigs is the possibility to crack under extreme heat or thermal pressure.

2. Mini Rigs

 glass Mini Rigs

Also knows as Mini Bubblers, the Mini Rigs are small types of Glass Dab Rigs. As mentioned previously, manufacturers are continuously improving the portability of the glass dab rig, hence the creation of the Mini Rig. These dab rigs are palm-size and travel-friendly.

3. Silicone Dab Rigs

silicone dab rig -black & yelllow

Silicone Dab Rigs are.. well.. made of silicone, of course. Silicone is a powdery-smooth material that can adjust to and fold despite extreme heat. It is also dishwasher-friendly!

4. Recycler Rigs

Recycler Rigs

A Recycler Rig is known to deliver the smoothest smoke and the most potent flavor. This is because it has two chambers, unlike the traditional dab rig which only has one. This dab rig requires long and strong draws from the user, as the smoke travels from the first chamber to the second before it reaches the mouthpiece. The water from the first chamber is drawn together to the second chamber, a process that prolongs the contact of the water and the smoke, which cools and purifies the vapor.

5. Electronic Rigs

electric dab rig

Electric Dab Rigs or E-rigs are the most technologically advanced type of dab rigs, as they use electricity to heat your material. Yes, they have built in batteries and are rechargeable. Some manufacturers have also released Smart E-rigs that can be controlled using a smartphone app via Bluetooth technology. The temperature and voltage of these Smart E-rigs can be adjusted and measured depending on users' preferences and amount of material.

Dab Rigs play a big part in this industry. Companies and manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to improve their dab rig collections, as many consumers prefer concentrates. Customers are now very knowledgeable and specific when it comes to their preferred material and the unit they want to use it with. However, for beginners- all you need to know are the basics.

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