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Familiarizing Yourself about Concentrates

What are concentrates, oils, and Wax?

What are concentrates, oils, and Wax?

Thinking of switching to wax concentrate vaporization? Unsure what and which you would like and which would suit your needs? Confusion is quite understandable when it comes to distinguishing the types in the wide varieties of wax concentrates available in the market today, especially if you are a beginner. Using concentrates for recreational and medicinal purposes is becoming more and more popular, and one would want to know about the basics. There are a lot of types of concentrates to choose from. A lot of people are curious to try each of them, but finding the right type of wax for you is essential.

Below is basic information about everything you need to know about wax concentrates. Short and simple.

Main Types of Wax Concentrates

1. Shatter

wax concentrate - shatter

Shatter is a form of BHO (Butane Hash Oil). It is glass-like and amber-like, and it mostly comes in solid and clear form. Some come in clear but slightly sticky form. Because of its form, it's very easy to handle and smoke. Shatter is known to be the purest and flavorful form of concentrate.


2. Crumble

wax concentrate - crumble

Sometimes referred to as Honeycomb. From the term itself, crumble is a form of wax concentrate that crumbles easily. It is dry, soft, and very brittle. This kind of was can be chipped down into your preferred size for dabbing. It is not generally recommended to store crumble using paper parchment, instead, one may use a glass or silicone jar.


3. Wax

wax concentrate

This type of wax concentrate requires a dab tool and is smoked using a concentrate vaporizer or water pipe. It comes in yellowish-brown color and it is the stickiest form of concentrate. Because of its form and texture, you would see wax sold in silicone jars or glass containers.


4. Oil

 concentrate - oil

This type of concentrate requires a container, as it is literally oil. It is commonly used as hash oil. It comes in an oily form, as it is made of C02 and not butane. The C02 acts as a dissolving agent to form this kind of concentrate. When it comes to taste, it is very different compared to the concentrates made of butane.


5. Water Hash

wax concentrate - water hash

There are a lot of techniques to produce a water hash. Basically, the dry herb is mixed with cold water or ice and then broken down to now-brittle trichome heads.


6. Rosin

wax concentrate - rosin

The latest and best-selling type of wax concentrate available in the market today. Rosin is extracted from dry herbs by using no more than a parchment paper, hair straightener, and hand-applied pressure. It is the most naturally extracted type of concentrate.

Wax Concentrates mainly differ from the extraction process and the concentration level. You just have to find the right type for you.

Photo Credits: Leafly

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