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Bong Percolators

As bong enthusiasts, you’ve probably already seen several different kinds of bong percolators, and you might have wondered why there were so many options.

A percolator is a tool that forces the smoke to travel through water to filter it. They’re a staple feature of most glass water pipes and bubblers, as this filtering process cools the smoke. More bubbles mean smoother hits but less flavor from the dry herbs or concentrate being used.

Percs come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, which all function similarly. They’re a perfect choice for bong enthusiasts who desire smoother hits and a cool way to smoke herbs. At KING’s Pipe, we have many perc bongs for sale, so here’s a look at the major bong percolators to give you a better understanding of your purchase.

Types of Percolators

Honeycomb Percs

Honeycomb percs are one of the most popular bong perc varieties on the market today. These pieces are comparable to a disk percolator diffuser in various ways, including their ability to be stacked on top of one another.

The unique thing about the honeycomb perc is that it has many tiny holes, which mimic the design of a honeycomb. When it comes to percolation, the honeycomb perc is a noteworthy player. These tiny holes offer maximum diffusion for massive hits. On most honeycomb discs, there are more than 40 holes for greater diffusion. The holes also lead to excess bubbles and well-filtered smoke. This bong percolator is well-known and well-loved among bong enthusiasts.

Tornado Percs/Cyclone Turbine Percs

These are some of the fanciest percolators ever created. The tornado/cyclone turbine perc combines superior style and performance for the ultimate smoking experience. This type of percolator offers high percolation and filtration for maximum satisfaction.

A tornado perc is created with turbine discs that have multiple angled slits. In terms of functionality, this perc spins water and smoke like a vortex within your water pipe. If you’d like to see a cool water function in a water bong when you take a hit, this bong percolator is the perfect choice for you.

Showerhead Percs

The showerhead perc is named after — you guessed it — a showerhead. These percolators are made from a combination of turbine perc-like discs and barrel perc-like holes, in terms of functionality. This combination is meant to force smoke through multiple small holes while at the same time offering less drag with each hit. The slit sizes on the base vary, and this variation further helps to diffuse smoke into the water. This results in clean hits and little drag overall.

Fritted Disk Percs

If you want to get maximum percolation power, then fritted disc bong percolators are right for you. The fritted disc is capable of doing what no other percolator can do. This type of percolator is known for being the highest producer of bubbles. Furthermore, this perc offers the same longevity and functionality found in most disc percolators.

Despite being highly acclaimed, this perc does have some disadvantages. The main downside is that the tiny holes make it a little harder to rip due to excess drag. Also, these microscopic holes are vulnerable to dirt which can result in clogging. But these disadvantages should not be an issue if you maintain your bong regularly.

Tree Percs

Tree percs are the most basic type of bong percolators, comparable to the dome perc. This classic perc usually consists of a variety of thin, vertical, arm-like tubes, which help in diffusion. Tree percolators generally have 4 to 8 arms with 2 to 3 slits and they function by splitting the smoke through the multiple arms. Larger numbers of tubes allow for more diffusion, resulting in smoother hits.

Inline Percs

Inline percolators are highly rated by consumers due to their effectiveness. Most people prefer these types of percolators due to their high functionality and ability to offer maximum diffusion.

These bong percolators come with a fixed stem bong and are usually straight-aligned. This perc is also large enough to cover the long downstem plus the water chamber. It has multiple tiny holes and slits which prevent water from reaching the mouthpiece or going into your mouth.

The slits come in different sizes, and they can change from one bong to another. People using inline percs with more slits enjoy more diffusion, and multiple slits make the hit cleaner and smoother, lessening the strain on the lungs.

Diffused Downstems

Diffused downstems are very basic bong percolators. They were some of the first percolators created and can be found in beaker bongs that have simple designs. The diffused downstem contains multiple slits or holes to make more bubbles than regular one-hole downstems.

Fixed Stems

Over the last couple of years, fixed stems have become an essential part of most dab rigs. Fixed stems are an excellent substitute for a removable glass downstem, as they already have one built right in. Most people prefer fixed stems because they’re more convenient and stress-free.

Fixed stem bong percolators contain simple holes. The cooling, filtration, and diffusion processes work to clean the smoke and also provide you with smooth hits that won’t cause you to choke. Fixed stems are very common and they’re popular for their convenience and effectiveness.

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Even More Bong Percs Available

Besides the types of percolators we just talked about, there are many more bong percs available, including matrix percs, swiss percs, and waffle percs. Each of them gives you a slightly different feeling when you rip, but at the end of the day, all that matters is your personal preference. Try a variety of bong percolators to find your favorite today!

1 Response

will clark

will clark

April 19, 2019

my favorite bong was a double bubble percolator. it gave the smoothest hits i ever smoked. it was passed down to me from a hippie friend and on 9/11 my ex wife broke it by accident or at least so she says. anyway i have looked for many years and have found one near as good as it was. i guess i will just keep looking

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