Bong Percs | A Toker's Guide

Bong Percs | A Toker's Guide

by Dahlia Day

Bong Percolators

As bong enthusiasts, you’ve seen different kinds of bong percolators, and you might have wondered why there were many different kinds of percs. Bong percs are on most glass water pipes and smoking bubblers for water filtration. A percolator is a tool that forces the smoke to travel through water to filter it. This filtering process cools the smoke. More bubbles mean smoother smoke but less flavor from the dry herbs or concentrates. Percs come in varieties of designs, shapes, and sizes, which functions similarly. Percolators are good for bong enthusiasts who desire smoother hits and a cool way to smoke herbs. On KING’s Pipe Online Headshop, we have many perc bongs for sale, so we would like to analyze the major bong percolators and give you better understandings of your purchase.

Types of Bong Percs

Honeycomb Percs

Honeycomb Percs

Honeycomb perc is one of the most popular bong percs in the current market. This perc is comparable to a disk percolator diffuser in various aspects including the ability to be stacked on top of the other. But the unique thing about the honeycomb perc is that it has many tiny holes, which looks like a honeycomb. When it comes to percolation, the honeycomb percs is a noteworthy player. These tiny holes offer maximum diffusion for massive hits. On most honeycomb discs, they are more than 40 holes in this perc for greater diffusion. The holes also lead to excess bubbles and well-filtered smoke. This perc is highly known among bong enthusiasts.

KING's Pipe Glass - 18 Inch Triple Honeycomb Straight Bong

Other Honeycomb Perc Bongs

Tornado perc / Cyclone Turbine Percs

tornado turbine percs

This is one of the fanciest percs ever created. The tornado/cyclone turbine bong perc is a mixture of both style and performance. This perc offers high percolation and filtration for maximum satisfaction. Tornado perc is created with turbine discs which have multiple angled slits. In terms of functionality, this perc spins water and smoke like a vortex within your water pipe. If you like to see the cool water function in a water bong when you take a hit, the turbine cyclone bong is the one you should get because the water and smoke will be swirling up when you are ripping.

KING's Pipe Glass - Tornado Cyclone Bong

Other Tornado / Cyclone Turbine Perc Bongs

Showerhead Percs

Showerhead Percs

The showerhead perc is named after a showerhead. The showerhead percolators are made from the combination of a turbine perc-like disc with barrel perc-like holes (in terms of functionality). This combination is specifically meant to force smoke through multiple small holes while at the same time offering less drag. The slit sizes on the base vary in terms of size and this significant variation in size further helps to diffuse smoke into the water. This results to clean hits and little drag.

7'' ShowerHead Perc Water Pipe Rig

Other Showerhead Perc Bongs

Fritted Disc Percs

Fritted disc Percs

If you want to get maximum percolation power, then the fritted disc percolators are right for you. The fritted disc is capable of doing what no other percolator can do. This perc is highly known for producing many bubbles, which makes it the highest producer of bubbles. Furthermore, this perc offers the same longevity and functionality properties found on most disc percolators. Despite this highly acclaimed disc perc, it still has some disadvantages. The main downside of this perc is that the tiny holes make it a little harder to rip due to excess drag. Also, these microscopic holes are vulnerable to dirt which can result in clogging. But these disadvantages should not be a primary issue if you continuously maintain your perc. Also, if massive drags don’t bother you then get this perc.

KING's Pipe Glass - Single Fritted Disc FAT CAN Bong

Other Fritted Disc Perc Bongs

Tree Percs

Tree Percs

Tree percs are the most basic type of percolators, and they are comparable to dome percs. This classic perc usually consists of a variety of thin vertical arm-like tubes, which help in diffusion. Tree percolators generally have 4 to 8 arms with 2 to 3 slits. It functions by splitting the smoke through multiple arms, after that the smoke goes through another water chamber where it is further filtered. A large number of tubes also permit for more diffusion, thus resulting in smoother hits.

KING's Pipe Glass - Single Tree Perc Water Pipe Bong

Other Tree Perc Bongs

Inline Percs

Inline Percs

Inline percolators are highly rated between consumers due to its effectiveness. Most people prefer it due to its high functionality and its ability to offer maximum diffusion. Inline percs are found within a fixed stem bong and are usually aligned straight. This perc is also large enough and covers the long downstem plus the water chamber. It also has multiple tiny holes and slits found on the long stem which prevent water from reaching the mouthpiece or going into your mouth. The slits come in different sizes, and it ranges from one bong to another. People using inline percs with more slits enjoy more diffusion than people using inline percs with fewer slits. Furthermore, the multiple slits make the hit cleaner and smoother with less choking on the lungs.

KING's Pipe Glass - Inline Perc FAT CAN Dab Rig

Other Inline Perc Bongs

Diffused Downstems

Diffused Downstems

Diffused downstems are very basic percolators. They were one of the first percolators created and can be found in beaker bongs that have a simple design. The diffused downstem contains multiple slits or holes to make more bubbles than regular one hole downstems.

KING's Pipe Glass - 10'' Glass on Glass Straight Bong

Other Bongs with Diffused Downstem 

Fixed Stems

Over the last couple of years, fixed stems have become an essential part of most dab rigs. Fixed stems are an excellent substitute for removable glass downstem, as it already has one built right in. Most people prefer to fix stem because it’s more convenient and stress-free. Fixed stems contain simple holes. The cooling, filtration and diffusion process helps to clean the smoke and also provide you with clean and smooth hits that won’t choke your lungs. Fixed stems are very common and most people like using them not only because of their 2 in 1 capability but also for their convenience and effectiveness. Fixed stems are usually very elaborate and provide less diffusion but more flavor.

Purr Glass - Full Sidecar Dab Rig

Other Bongs with Fixed Stem


Besides these bong percolators we just analyzed, there are many more different bong pers, such as matrix perc, swiss perc, waffle perc, and honeyglobe perc. Each of them gives you a slightly different feeling when you rip, but it’s your preference. Let’s try bongs with different percs and find your favorite one.

What is your favorite bong perc??? Please share it with others in the comment!

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my favorite bong was a double bubble percolator. it gave the smoothest hits i ever smoked. it was passed down to me from a hippie friend and on 9/11 my ex wife broke it by accident or at least so she says. anyway i have looked for many years and have found one near as good as it was. i guess i will just keep looking

will clark

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