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Focus V Carta E-Rig Review

Focus V Carta Product Review

Focus V Carta Review

Affordable, Promising and Versatile Vape Rig for Beginners and Advanced Tokers

What is the Carta?

The Carta Vape Rig from Focus V Products is a powerful, portable, and reliable electric dab rig that offers modern functionalities and comes in a breathtaking design that enhances your vaping experience.

focus v carta

This portable vaporizer comes with titanium and quartz buckets. The quartz is perfect for concentrates that run on a full spectrum of viscosity; it heats as fast as the titanium providing you with full flavor.

Each Regular Focus V Carta Vaporizer Kit comes with the followings

  • Carta Vape Rig
  • Borosilicate Glass Carb Cap
  • Titanium Buckets
  • Quartz Buckets
  • Wax Atomizer
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • 2 x 18350 Batteries
  • Dabber Tool
  • Carrying Case
  • Manual

Product Video by TVAPE

Pros and Cons


  • Good vapor quality
  • Great water filter
  • Strong build quality
  • Various glass options
  • 2-in-1 vaporizer
  • Removable batteries
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Maintenance kit
  • Smartphone app


  • Limited temperature range (But can be solved on the App!)
  • Short Battery Life (But can be solved with additional batteries)
  • Not the best Portable device "Yet"

Features of Focus V Carta Electric Dab Rig

Portability: FocusV Carta is not the best portable vape rig available in the market at present, this is very affordable and reliable. It is a little over seven inches tall, which is the right height for handheld vaping or vaping from a surface. While it is convenient and easy to carry around, the carrying case contributes a lot to its shortage in terms of portability.

Durability: Focus V Carta is a durable device that is capable of lasting its lifespan. It is made with borosilicate glassware which is resistant to thermal shock. Being durable enough to last its lifespan makes Focus V Carta a worthy investment, especially for beginners who are interested in buying a product that will last long.

Versatility: Focus V Carta Vape Rig is a dual- purpose vaporizer; it has an attachment for the herbal vaporizer, custom glassware, and a carb cap. In terms of temperature versatility, it also presents four preset temperature settings which range from 600 to 940 Fahrenheit. This implies that you can reset the device to suit the type of vaping experience you will love to have. Vapor

Quality: The Focus V Carta Rig standout among other devices currently being sold in the online and offline market in terms of vapor quality. The vapor produced by this device is quite tasty. It has the quartz wax chambers that give you an on-demand result from vaping your wax concentrates while leaving you with high-quality vapor.

Price: In terms of pricing, the Focus Carta V is worth the money; it has a unique performance that is similar to other expensive vape devices. This amazing vape pen is sold for $250, with all the features it provides, the price can be said to be quite considerable. Also, beta customers will have an option to get free upgrades in the future when there is a major upgrade on the device.

Battery performance: Focus V Carta comes with a pair of 18350 removable batteries. Having a removable battery makes this portable desktop rig quite valuable because you can vape with your device while the unit is unplugged conveniently at any location. In fact, vaping when your battery isn’t connected to a charger offers you a sense of peace that no surge of electricity can affect the performance of your vaporizer.

Also, when you run out of battery and can't find a power outlet to charge your device, you can switch between batteries to keep your session on-going.

Design: Focus V Carta looks like Puffco Peak. It has a base where the heating element is located; the glass piece from which you inhale is located at the base. It also has the power button located near the base, which makes it easy for you to hold your device in your hand or rest it on a table.

Smartphone App: One beautiful feature of this vape pen is that it has an app that gives you additional temperature control. Using the app, you can choose a precise temperature and get more information about your vaping experiences, such as the average time and duration.

The Atomizers

The Carta Atomizers for Wax comes with the Carta kit, but if you want to smoke dry herbs with the Carta, you need to purchase the Carta dry herb atomizer separately on our site.

The Carta atomizers are pretty sensitive. Some of our customers reported to us that the plate in the atomizer gets damaged if you tighten it too hard. Therefore, you have to be careful. Fortunately, Focus V provides the manufacturer warranty for the atomizer for the 1st month. If your atomizer is defective or damaged within the 1st month, you can always submit a warranty claim on their official website, and they will send you a new piece right away.

If your Carta stops heating up, you should check the atomizer. Sometimes, you see a lot of concentrates built-up in the atomizer, the Carta does not recognize the atomizer even though you put it in. Therefore, you have to keep it clean. If the atomizer got damaged after the 1st month, you can consider using the Carta Atomizer Repair Kit sold at $18 on our site. It gives you to repair the atomizer 2 times!

Product Review Video by Lumberjack Hvsh

Our Thoughts about the Regular Carta

Finally, with all the features listed above, the Focus V Carta Vape Rig is a reliable, promising, and one of the best vaping devices for people looking for a great device at an affordable price.

If you use the high temperature a lot, the atomizer doesn’t last long. However, if you like to use the low temp, the Carta gives you an extremely tasty flavor, and the atomizer lasts longer.

For these tokers who like to smoke flower, the dry herb atomizer is available. Electric Vape Rigs are getting popular and cheaper. Sooner or later, other manufacturers might release better but cheaper E-Rigs.

The Magna Cara

The Focus V Magna Carta is the first limited edition of the Carta, and Focus V produced only 1000 pieces of each Black and White. Unfortunately, the black Magna Carta got sold out in a few days after they were released. The White Magna Carta will be restocked in a few days as of today, Oct 18. After the White one gets sold out, we are not able to restock it anymore.

Focus V Magna Carta White

The Magna Carta Kit comes with all the accessories the regular Carta kit includes plus the following additional bonus items.

  • Rebuild / Repair Kit for Atomizers
  • Dry Herb Atomizer Chamber
  • Extra Wax Atomizer  

The Crimson Carta

The Focus V Crimson Carta is the 2nd Limited Edition of the Carta vape rig. The whole body of the e-rig is beautifully in Red, and the glass top that comes with the kit is also made of Red glass. 

focus v crimson carta red
The Crimson Carta Electric Dab Rig comes with all the accessories that the Regular Carta kit includes and the following bonus items.
  • Everlast Atty
  • SiC Insert Bucket

If you have additional batteries, dry herb atomizer, and another Atty as backups, you are all set. The Crimson Carta Kit comes with all you need to have long-lasting dab sesh.


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