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Stache Products

Rio Dab Rig in One (Makeover) - Stache Products
$199.99 USD
Stache Products DIGITUL Digital Scale Dab Tool
$32.99 USD
Stache Products Grynder N.Y.A.G. 4-Piece Grinder
$34.99 USD
Stache Products Grynder N.Y.A.G. Grinder
$35.99 USD

Besides being a clothing brand, Stache Products, based in Bethesda, Maryland, is a team of individuals working together to take smoking products and accessories to the next level. After having tried products from different brands, Stache Products has allotted a lot of time and effort, working tirelessly to provide torchless dab rigs. Their creations undergo testing before being released to the market. They are known to release prototypes to determine consumer needs and improve their products based on feedback. This is to ensure quality, safe, and excellent results that would surely revolutionize this generation's dabbing and smoking.