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Sharp Stone

Sharp Stone - 2.2" Medium Clear Top V2 Grinder
$37.99 USD
Sharp Stone - 2.5" Large V2 Grinder
$39.99 USD
Sharp Stone - 2.5" Large Clear Top V2 Grinder
$39.99 USD
Sharp Stone - 2.2" Medium V2 4 Piece Grinder
$39.99 USD

About Sharp Stone Grinders

Sharp Stone Grinders stays true to its mission of being everything your herbs need through the high-quality grinders that they produce. Year after year, they continuously develop inexpensive yet durable grinders that are exceptional when it comes to quality and performance. A top brand that uses heavy-duty Aircraft Grade Aluminum Rod using CNC or Computer Numerical Control Technology to develop extremely sturdy grinder pieces. Put together with Razor sharp Diamond Cutting Teeth for maximal efficiency when it comes to finely grounding herbs to its desired consistency. They also use Teflon grade O-rings for nicely grounded herbs.It is anodized to increase its resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Sharp Stone is a trust-worthy name you can count on when it comes to standard herb grinders, hand crank grinders and pollen presses that offers authenticity and strength without burning a hole on your pocket. Let's get a dry herb grinder from Sharp Stone for your water pipe or dry herb vaporizer session. A total standout among the others!