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FlytLab Vaporizers

FlytLab - Lift Vaporizer Kit
$149.99 USD

About FlytLab

Flytlab Vapor Systems specialized in manufacturing high-quality vaporizers and is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. This brand is known for getting you lifted through their top-quality vaporizers like the H2FLO Elite, Lift and Fuse vaporizers. The products they develop utilized the latest technology and are conceptualized to provide the best vaporization and discreetness in vaping. Their very own Flytlab Lift Vaporizer has been recognized as one of the best handheld vaporizers of 2017. The Lift has made it to the top list all because it eludes your expectations while making sure that you get the hit that is every vaper's ultimate desire. From glass mouthpieces to customizable vaporization settings, Flytlab aims to provide stylish and powerful vaporizers that will surely make you change your smoking habit. Get your Flytlab Vaporizer today and get lifted by the world's smartest portable vaporizers.