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Easy Butter Maker

Easy Butter Maker - One Stick Butter Maker
$49.99 USD
Easy Butter Maker - Two Stick Butter Maker
$69.99 USD

About Easy Butter Maker

The Easy Butter Company was established in 2014 and is known for providing a quick and convenient solution in the process of butter infusion. They utilize materials that are medical grade and sturdily built to ensure that their products are safe and suitable for everyday use. It took about three years of testing and engineering before the units they designed were perfected. But after this process comes a wave of products that are top quality and highly reliable. Easy Butter Company has a heart for helping people who are suffering from pain caused by chronic diseases by developing products that can easily create cannabutter in the form of therapeutic edibles. Their products are dynamic as it is designed to give patients, caregivers, or families to easy prepare medicines at home.