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Glass Bongs for Sale

Bogart Glass - 9mm Thick Beaker Bong - 12 Inches
$109.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 16'' Double Tornado Straight Water Bong
$99.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 16'' Double Honeycomb Straight Water Bong
$99.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 12'' Glass on Glass Straight Tube Bong
$69.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Deep Ocean Dab Rig
$299.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 12 inch Glass Beaker Water Pipe
$79.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Bee Hive Mini Dab Rig
$209.99 USD
UFO Showerhead Perc Dab Rig with Purple Accent
$69.99 USD $79.99 USD
Purple Matrix Perc Cheap Dab Rig
$69.99 USD $74.99 USD
The Kind Glass - 9mm Beaker Water Bong
from $89.99 USD
The Kind Pen - 9mm Straight Bong
from $89.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Rising Dragon Dab Rig
$259.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 12 Inch 9mm Thick Beaker Bong
$99.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 8 inch Mini Beaker Bong
$54.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - Double Honeycomb Water Bong
$84.99 USD
Bogart Glass - 9mm Beaker Bong - 18 Inches
$134.99 USD $139.99 USD
Pyramid Style Matrix Perc Water Pipe Bong
$79.99 USD $99.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 16 Inch Single Tree Perc Beaker Bong
$99.99 USD
AMG Glass - 18 inch Bob Marley Beaker Bong
$119.99 USD
Cheap Banger Hanger MIni Dab Rig
$34.99 USD $49.99 USD

KING's Pipe offers a multitude of high-quality bongs such as glass water pipes, oil rigs, bubblers, and recyclers.

These mainstream smoking devices use water filtration to provide a smoother hit when smoking dry herbs, tobacco, concentrate, oils, and other legal substances.

Many awesome cheap bongs feature one or two percolators, which filter and cool the smoke through the water supply, such as honeycomb bongs and tornado bongs. Check out our extensive selection of glass bongs designed to enhance your next smoke session. 

Features of Our Bongs

KING’s Pipe offers an extensive selection of American-made and imported bongs for sale, with a wide variety of features to choose from. Here’s a quick run-through of our favorite features:

  • Available in a wide array of sizes, ranging from 3 inches to 18 inches
  • 3 main joint sizes offered, including 10mm, 14mm, and 18 mm
  • Glass bongs are made with glass at least 5mm thick
  • Available in a range of styles, from bubblers to glass beakers

Not sure which style will best suit your needs? Check out our KING’s Pipe blog for in-depth guides and insider information to help you buy with confidence. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you during our business hours of 10AM - 4PM PST Monday - Friday.

Premium Quality, Affordable Prices

At KING’s Pipe, we’re committed to providing our customers with a unique selection of glass bongs from top-tier American brands, such as Empire Glassworks, AMG, and our own KING’s Pipe Glass. We’ve developed lasting partnerships with these brands so you can enjoy premium quality bongs for sale at an affordable price.

Shop our American-made glass smoking devices today — or, if you’re smoking on a budget, browse our awesome and cheap glass bongs imported from overseas.

Questions and Answers about a Bong our Customers Usually Ask Us

What is a bong?

A bong is a water pipe typically used for smoking tobacco or other herbal substances. It uses water to filter and cool the smoke, resulting in a smoother hit.

How does a bong work?

When you light the tobacco or other herbal substance in the glass bowl and inhale through the mouthpiece, the smoke is drawn down into the water, where it is cooled and filtered. Then, it travels up and out of the main chamber, through the neck, and into your lungs.

How do I fill a bong with water?

Pour water into the glass bong through the mouthpiece until it just covers the bottom of the downstem. Ensure the water level is not so high that it splashes into the main chamber or mouthpiece when inhaling.

How do I clean a bong?

Regular cleaning is recommended. Most users use 90% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt to scrub away resin build-up. Shake the mixture inside, rinse thoroughly with warm water, and let it dry. Using bong cleaner is optional. 

What's the difference between a bong and a bubbler?

Both are water pipes, but bubblers are typically smaller and combine the features of a bong and a traditional pipe. Bongs usually have a removable bowl and/or downstem, while bubblers have a fixed bowl.

Why is the smoke cooler in a bong?

The water acts as a coolant and a filter. As the smoke passes through the water, it cools down, making the hit less harsh on the lungs.

How often should I change the water in my bong?

It's best to change the water after each session to ensure fresh, clean hits and prevent bacterial growth.

What is an ice catcher?

An ice catcher, or ice pinch, is a feature in some bongs that allows users to place ice cubes in the neck. This further cools the smoke for an even smoother experience. Most of the KING's Pipe Glass bongs have double ice pitch, which is our signature style.

Can I use other liquids besides water in a bong?

While water is most commonly used, some people experiment with other liquids like juices, wine, or teas to alter the flavor. However, be cautious as some liquids can be sticky, leading to faster build-up and potential damage.

What's the purpose of a percolator in a bong?

A percolator, or "perc," further diffuses and filters the smoke by breaking it up into smaller bubbles, allowing for more surface area to be cooled by the water. This results in smoother, cleaner hits. The KING's Pipe Glass bongs have different types of percolators, so check them to find your favorite bongs.

Glass Bongs on KING's Pipe

A lot of current water pipes have one or two percolators filtering and cooling the smoke through water. We offer an array of each of these scientific water bongs with different types for your needs in different situations.


They are used to diffuse, filtrate, purify, and add flavor to your toke.

ICE CATCHERS known as Ice Pinch

They add the option to utilize ice for a chilled effect each rip.


The American-made tobacco bongs in our online headshop are reasonably priced, and also we have some quality imports for cheap bongs.


The sizes are considered for when you either need to tuck it away or display it proudly on your coffee table or in your cabinet. The range of pieces we carry are from 3 inches to a whopping 18 inches.

There are 3 main joint sizes for bongs. They are 18mm, 14mm, and 10mm. The joints have male and female types, so when you purchase bowl pieces, you should know these sizes and types.

We know you care about glass thickness. Most of our glasses have 5mm thickness as standard, but we also carry 9mm bongs. If you want it, KING's Pipe Online Headshop has it! All premium quality and HELLA AFFORDABLE with our online smoke shop's everyday SALE prices! Grab the best water bongs for a good smoking experience during your sesh!

Types of Bongs

Not sure what kind of piece to get? Let KING's Pipe Online Headshop help you figure out what you need!

1. Straight Tube Bongs

Straight Tube Bongs are the most popular scientific water pipe, consisting of one straight tube as a body. It's commonly made with an ice catcher and/or disc-shaped percolators for added diffusion, and ice cools the smoke down for a chilling sensation in your throat with every rip.

Straight Tube percolator bongs are great but might be hard to use for people with neck injuries, difficulties with a range of motion, and such, as you would need to inhale and light the bowl at a certain angle that may seem slightly uncomfortable for some. Perhaps a glass piece with a bent neck would suit you better.

2. Glass Beaker Bongs

Glass beaker bongs are very similar to Straight Tubes but built to resemble basic lab equipment, supported with a flared bottom area for larger water capacity and a much more stable standing base. The addition of more water also adds more filtration for a smoother and debris-less rip. These big-based water pipes are best for the clumsier lot of us who love to smoke out of scientific glass bongs but tend to knock things over a lot in the process of using them.

3. Glass Recyclers Bongs

A glass Recycler Bong has multiple chambers in which the smoke is siphoned. These added tubes and glass chambers work as extra water filtration, much like percolators, to ensure you inhale smoother and less debris or ash-filled rip.

The only downside of using a Recycler would be the cleaning process, some like to use magnetic scrubbers on their Straight Tubes and Beakers but this might not work on every Recycler as the additional little tubes leading to each chamber are quite small and may not be able to accommodate cleaning gadgets. Any soak-in or cleaning solution or simply alcohol and salt would also be great though!

4. Bubblers

Bubblers are smaller versions of glass bongs, essentially a hand pipe large enough to hold water and include a form of percolator without the trouble of inhaling a huge amount of smoke. Bubblers are perfect for anyone new to the smoking world, it's compact size is easy to store and doesn't overwhelm your lungs with an insane amount of smoke to inhale. Percolators will also protect your throat from too much harshness and any debris or carcinogens in your smoke.

5. Dab Rigs and Oil Rigs

Dab Oil Rigs are usually compact water pipes designed specifically for use with concentrates of legal canna herbs. Classic dab rigs need a dome and a nail to be heated with a torch, but a lot of dabbing enthusiasts now use a quartz banger nail and a carb cap. Some even use the Rio Dab Rig, which is an oil rig kit with a built-in torch. This is a modern dabbing style.

Although more advanced dabbers can handle concentrates in a larger bong, we suggest sticking to compact dab rigs and oil rigs made precisely for dabbing. We have a good variety of dab oil rigs along with dab tools, so check our dab rig collections and smoking accessories.

6. Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs known as perc bongs have been popular in the market. The popular percolators include the honeycomb, tornado, tree, showerhead, and inline. These percolators make a lot of bubbles and filter smoke, so, they give you smoother hits. If you put an ash catcher, you will get even smoother hits, too.

Some people see it as difficult to clean bongs with multi perc system. A good and cheap way to clean them is to use rubbing alcohol with salt. As an online bong shop. we have many different percolator bongs and water pipes.

7. Carb Bongs

Carb Bongs are pretty basic cheap bongs that are usually available in glass or acrylic versions. Without a detachable glass bowl or downstem, They have a carb hole that's similar to hand pipes. To use it, you simply place your finger on the carb hole covering it while building up the smoke and releasing it when you're ready to clear out the chamber. Acrylic Carb Bongs are great for on-the-go use as you can just toss it in your backpack with bottled water, your material, and a lighter!