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Glass Bongs for Sale

Pyramid Style Matrix Perc Water Pipe Bong
$79.99 USD $99.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Rising Dragon Dab Rig
$259.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 10'' Glass on Glass Straight Bong
$64.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 18 Inch Straight Tube Water Bong
$94.99 USD $99.99 USD
AFM Glass - Pyramid Groove Dab Rig
$134.99 USD $140.00 USD
Empire Glassworks - Cookie Monster Sundae Mini Rig
$259.99 USD $279.99 USD
MAV Glass - 15 inch Pyramid to Single UFO Perc Beaker Bong
$234.99 USD $250.00 USD
Empire Glassworks - 12'' Sandblasted 9mm Beaker Bong
from $199.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Bee Nest Mini Rig
$169.99 USD $179.99 USD
Iridescent Glass Dab Rig
$44.99 USD $59.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Peyote Dab Rig
$369.99 USD
AMG Glass - 18 inch Straight Bong with Elves and Mushrooms
$119.99 USD
Cheap Micro Dab Rig with Inline Perc
$29.99 USD $39.99 USD
Marley Natural Smoked Glass Beaker Water Pipe
$159.99 USD $169.99 USD
Marley Natural - Glass and Walnut Bubbler
$119.99 USD
Marley Natural - Walnut Riggler Dab Rig
$159.99 USD $169.99 USD
Puffco Cupsy Coffee Cup Water Pipe
$69.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Galaxy Mini Beaker Bong
$299.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - 16 Inch Single Tree Perc Beaker Bong
$99.99 USD
MAV Glass - Colored Pyramid Perc Dab Oil Rig
$154.99 USD $160.00 USD
Marley Natural - Beaker Water Pipe
$239.99 USD
Puffco Budsy Bottle Bong
$59.99 USD
AMG Glass - 18 inch Bob Marley Beaker Bong
$119.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Sriracha Bottle Dab Rig
$219.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - East Australian Current Mini Recycler
$359.99 USD
KING's Pipe Glass - Single Tornado Perc Bong
$69.99 USD
Stundenglass Gravity Bong V2
$599.95 USD $650.00 USD
Stundenglass Kompact Gravity Bong
$599.99 USD

KING's Pipe offers a multitude of high-quality bongs such as glass water pipes, oil rigs, bubblers, and recyclers. These mainstream smoking devices use water filtration to provide a smoother hit when smoking dry herbs, tobacco, concentrate, oils, and other legal substances.

Many awesome cheap bongs feature one or two percolators, which filter and cool the smoke through the water supply, such as honeycomb bongs and tornado bongs. Check out our extensive selection of glass bongs designed to enhance your next smoke session. 

Features of Our Bongs

KING’s Pipe offers an extensive selection of American-made and imported bongs for sale, with a wide variety of features to choose from. Here’s a quick run-through of our favorite features:

  • Available in a wide array of sizes, ranging from 3 inches to 18 inches
  • 3 main joint sizes offered, including 10mm, 14mm, and 18 mm
  • Glass bongs are made with glass at least 5mm thick
  • Available in a range of styles, from bubblers to glass beakers

Not sure which style will best suit your needs? Check out our KING’s Pipe blog for in-depth guides and insider information to help you buy with confidence. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you during our business hours of 10AM - 4PM PST Monday - Friday.

Premium Quality, Affordable Prices

At KING’s Pipe, we’re committed to providing our customers a unique selection of glass bongs from top-tier American brands, such as Empire Glassworks, AMG, and our own KING’s Pipe Glass. We’ve developed lasting partnerships with these brands so you can enjoy premium quality bongs for sale at an affordable price.

Shop our American-made glass smoking devices today — or, if you’re smoking on a budget, browse our awesome and cheap glass bongs imported from overseas.