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Bio Hazard Bongs

Bio Hazard - 12'' Beaker Bong
$79.99 USD
Bio Hazard - 14'' 8 Arm Tree Straight Water Pipe
$99.99 USD $114.99 USD
Bio Hazard - 12'' Inline to Tree Perc Bong
$124.99 USD
Bio Hazard - 12'' Straight Glass Water Pipe
$74.99 USD
Bio Hazard - 18 inch Beaker Water Pipe
$99.99 USD

About Bio Hazard Glass

Bio Hazard Inc. was established in 2007 and has become one of the nation's largest wholesale distributors for scientific glass water pipes, bongs, glass pipes, and accessories, which is why KING's Pipe is happy to bring Bio Hazard's quality glasswork to you, our loyal customers! Bio Hazard's style of smoke-ware can be described as "old school with a twist", sticking more often than not, to a traditional appearance such as straight water pipes or beaker bongs but with bold, bright BIO decals as a way to trademark their products while making a big statement. If you appreciate premium quality bongs at a minimal price, then Bio Hazard is the brand for you!