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Is Grinding Herbs Necessary? | A Toker's Guide

Is Grinding Herbs Necessary? | A Toker's Guide

Why You Need to Grind Your Herbs

If you smoke concentrates by dab rigs, you may skip this toker's guide. However, you should know that you are definitely missing out if you are not grinding your dry herbs before you smoke it by a bong or glass pipe. The idea of grinding those precious herbs before loading up a bowl or rolling a joint may seem like a fuss or sometimes some people are just simply impatient, lazy or maybe they are just not feeling it. But truth be told, grinding your herbs will surely help you get more out of your smoke from a water bong. Not convinced enough? Let me break it down to you.

We all know that breaking up cannabis is essential in the process of smoking. There is no doubt that there are factors that affect how you will do this and one of them is that some may find that carrying a grinder may be an excess in their baggage. Other people do it by hand, some chop or slice their nugs and some do it by using grinders. But the real question here is how are you really going to get the best out of your smoke?

For a fact, using your fingers in breaking up your herbs can result to loss of THC so if you are still doing this, you better start ditching this method. Your skin releases oils that can tarnish some of the resins left on the bud that you are holding. Now, this is just one of the reasons why grinding your herbs is highly recommended for you to achieve an enhanced smoking experience and at the same time not putting to waste every bit of your herbs.

Are you convinced enough? If you are, better be ready to get your grind on! Time to move to the next step which is to find the perfect grinder for you.

For starters, grinders are made with metal, some are made of plastic, acrylic or wood. It also comes in 2 to 4 layers and sizes range from small to jumbo and the list goes on. Some of the well-known brands to look out for are Croc Crusher, Cali Crusher, Santa Cruz Shredder, Cosmic Case and SLX Grinders. The bottom line is that you need to find a good-quality grinder that will suit your preferences. You can visit a smoke store in your local area to get a closer look at the different types of grinders that are available in the market. You can also search for online smoke shops on the web if you are the type who likes to make things less complicated and more convenient. Here at KING's Pipe Online Headshop, we offer a wide range of top-branded herb grinders that are high-quality, sturdy and meets the needs of those canna lovers who just want to make the most out of every bit of their favorite material. Take the time to check our Grinder Collection or visit www.kings-pipe.com to learn more.

Peace and good vibes to everyone!

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