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Smoking or Dabbing: Which is Best For You?

Smoking or Dabbing: Which is Best For You?

Smoking vs Dabbing

If you're anything like me who is a legit old school smoker, then the whole surge in popularity for dabs, wax, crumble, and the likes are totally off putting and had me scoffing at the idea of putting some chemical extracted goop into my lungs over the fine, pungent, primo flower that I was used to. But then a few years ago, a friend slid me some fresh pressed, all organic rosin while re-upping me on my usual bud supply and I just didn't have an excuse not to try it anymore. So I did for the first time, at 30 yrs old.

And. I. LOVED. It.

Although it felt like I was having a mini heart attack as my lungs constricted and my throat was tightening as if I were having an allergic reaction to some bad shellfish, the minute I regained my breathing and felt that high... it was just... magical. In that small little dab that you could damn near fit on top of a sewing pinhead, I was instantly as lit as I would be if I had smoked a whole blunt to the face. And boy was I lifted for hooours. Of course it took a hot minute for me to ever try that again because it really was a little scary, I did end up building up my concentrate tolerance on the rest of my rosin, once I had smoked through all of my dry herb. The homies definitely contributed to the cause and started giving (yup, $free.99!) naturally extracted shatter and wax to try, and truth be told, I've been dabbing ever since!

Now, this isn't to end our little story time by definitively naming Dabs and Dabbing the winner, because let's be honest; To each their own, right?

But let's start our little discussion with a few Pros & Cons:


It's familiar, comfortable
As easy as sparking a joint / blunt
A water bong with perc + ice + water = YASSS
Big rips are proven to benefit lung capacity

Carcinogens from smoke
Tobacco intake from blunt wraps
Harsh throat burn
Loud ass skunky smoke smell


Produces vapor as opposed to smoke
Vapor disseminates quicker with less odor
A little goes a looong way
Easier & more discreet in public

Extracts contain chemicals like butane
Higher THC % may lead to headaches
You have to use a torch while lit which is scary af
Extraction process loses terpenes & cannabinoids

So as with almost everything else in life, it really does depend on your preference. I was an admitted skeptic at first but the convenience, inconspicuousness, and portability of concentrates have definitely changed my perspective completely. Which is why I do dab more than I smoke. Ironically, I thoroughly enjoy the lifted effects of smoking a nice fat joint on a cool California night much more than my daily night time dabs out of my awesome little e-rig or dab rig. I can't really explain it but it's just the euphoric feeling of my trusty 'ol bud compared to concentrate highs, which are very potent but not always so pleasurable. I also get dab headaches a lot, which of course is no bueno!

I'm surprised at where I'm at as an MMJ patient compared to what I sprouted from, I can damn near dab anyone I know under the table and still look cute doing so! lol Another surprising feeling I get is when I come across people who are fellow OG tokers as well, that have never or refuse to even try concentrated cannabis because the know a guy who saw another guy throw up or pass out from taking a (presumably too large of a) dab, so they've sworn them off from the get-go. 

Our advise to all you curious little tokers out there is to continue to grow with our lovely lifted community and try a small dab, or an edible, puff on that rad little vape pen, or take a rip of the cool ass Puffco Peak your homie just copped! Start at your own pace, don't give in to peer pressure, do your own research and enjoy the evolution and innovation that has proven to be the next generation of healthy, happy cannabis use! Once you are tired of using water bongs or if you are ready to try new, lots of glass dab rigs are on our online head shop for you!

So toke responsibly, friends! 💋

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