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How Much Bong Water Do You Need? | A Toker’s Guide

How Much Bong Water Do You Need? | A Toker’s Guide

There's no doubt that water bongs truly are a perfect choice if you want to have a nice toking sesh. But if you’re a new bong user, you might be wondering how to fill a percolator bong or dab rig. How can you achieve those mind-blowing hits people have been going crazy about?

Bongs come in different sizes, shapes, percolators, chambers, and designs, and getting the ideal water level is crucial — it directly affects how your glass bong functions. So it all boils down to this question: how much water do you need to put in a bong? Thankfully, KING’s Pipe is here to help!

Bong Water Based on Percolator Type

Single-Percolator Bongs

When it comes to how to fill a percolator bong, if it’s a single perc, you need to get the water halfway up. That’s about where your downstem will be slightly submerged in the water. If your downstem is a diffused type, you need to ensure that your water level is high enough to get all of the slits submerged.

Why? This ensures maximum percolation. If the water level isn’t high enough to cover all the slits, you’re basically wasting your perc system. So, if you’re wondering how much water to put in a bong, just remember that you’ll need a slight submersion of all downstem slits.

Double-Percolator Bongs

To achieve more flavorful hits on double-perc bongs, you need to pour the water into the mouthpiece and then through the percolators. After you have filled the water up to the middle between the two perc discs, you’ll want to slowly blow down, causing water to trickle throughout the device.

If you pour the water directly into the joint, you don't have to do this process. Just make sure the water level is in the middle of the two discs. This is key to learning how much water to put in a bong.

Do a test rip to see if the water touches your mouth. If it does, take out little water. Once you find the water level you like, you’re good to go for a quality bong rip!

Honeycomb Percolator Bongs

For honeycomb perc bongs, as long as water flows through the perc, it doesn't matter if the water is sitting on top of it or not. It's all about getting the right distance between the water and the percolator.

Fill your bong in from the stem until it’s about a third of the way towards the honeycomb to get the best results. One of the best parts of learning how much water to put in a bong is that honeycombs are so easy to fill!

Man using a glass water bong

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