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Spiral Worked Micro Dab Rig by Nova Glass



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15% OFF Orders $25+ w/ Code "420DAD15"


Dimensions: Approx. 5'' in Height / Base 43mm in Diameter
Weight: 0.23 lb (106g)
Joint: 14mm Female (14mm Male Quartz Banger Nail is included)
Material: Premium-Quality Borosilicate Glass
Percolator:Diffused Fixed Stem
Manufacture / Artist: Nova Glass

Main Features

  • Spiral Worked Glass
  • 5'' in Height
  • Mini Dab Rig
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Comes with 14mm Male Quartz Banger Nail
  • Diffused Fixed Stem
  • Rainbow Spiral Colors
  • Unique Oil Rig
  • Banger Hanger
  • Bent Neck
  • Handcrafted in Southern California

Product Description

Feel groovy and full of color while enjoying endless dabbing sessions with the Nova Glass Spiral Worked Micro Dab Rig. Smaller than the average oil rigs and micro it is as it stands at approximately 5 inches in height. Like any other dab rigs, it has a 14mm Female Joint that includes a 14mm Male Quartz Banger Nail that changes how you smoke on those waxy oils. Hand-crafted in Southern California, this Spiral Worked Glass is made using Premium-Quality Borosilicate which guarantees you its durability and sturdiness. Let the smoothness and tastiness of every hit reach your lungs and get you blown away with the help of its Diffused Fixed Stem Perc. Make your toking sessions more fun and playful with this micro dab rig as it impresses you with rainbow spiral colors that are spread on the entire glass body. Make it even more exciting by taking this with you by slipping it inside your backpack as this dab rig is made highly portable to suit your so-needed dabbing sesh! Get the Spiral Worked Micro Dab Rig here at KING's Pipe for only $99.99 and enjoy another masterpiece by Nova Glass!

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DISCLAIMER: As this product is hand-blown, the length / weight / size / color might be slightly bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, heavier or lighter than what the manufacturers have provided in the specifications. The Spiral pattern might differ from the product photos. Please be mindful of the exact fit of accessories that are purchased separately as KING’s Pipe will not be held liable for these occurrences. Thank you.