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AFM Glass - Core Reactor Quartz Banger Nail

by: AFM Glass



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Joint Type: 14mm Female

Main Features

  • Clear Joint
  • Quartz Core Reactor
  • Flat Top Banger
  • Core Reactor - Extra Quartz at the Center Of The Dish to Hold Heat Longer
  • Quartz Nail
  • 2mm Thick
  • Available 14mm with MALE or FEMALE Joint
  • AFM Logo at the Bottom
  • Heat Resistance
  • American Quartz Banger by AFM


Joint Size: 14mm Male /14mm Female
Joint Angle: 90 Degree
Thickness: 2mm
Outer Diameter: 25mm
Inner Diameter: 20mm
Height: Approx. 2.5'' (63mm) in Height
Weight: Approx. 25g
Material: High-Quality Quartz
Manufacture: AFM Glass

Product Description

AFM Glass brings to you its Core Reactor Quartz Banger Nail made of a 2mm thick Quartz Nail, this joint ensures air-sealed security for any vapor or smoke. It's clear joint displays the smooth transition from joint to joint, added with optimal heat resistance this is an American Quartz Banger by AFM. Available in 14mm with both male and female joints of your selection. Get one today only here at KING's Pipe!

Made In the USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Howard H.
Great banger for the price

I do love the function of this banger and its great quality for the price-I have used AFM bangers in the past and know that they are great quality. My one complaint would be that upon delivery there was a hairline fracture/small divet it the quartz that i unfortunately did not notice until after its first use when I realized that my amazing carb cap would not creat a perfect seal even though it is the correct mm size. Kings pipe just needs to do a bit better quality control and throw imperfect bangers away or discount them rather than selling them under the impression that they are in pristine condition-if the banger had been more than $36 I would have tried harder to get it replaced.