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About Author

Dahlia Day

I go by the pseudonym, Dahlia Day, and am a young, open-minded medical professional, just trying to navigate today’s hectic world of chaos and judgments by spreading as much love, light, knowledge, and compassion as I possibly can. My older brother always told me to keep an arsenal of facts with me to back up any beliefs I’m willing to fight for, so I made it a point to continuously have an influx and efflux of knowledge at my disposal. 

I initially went to school minoring in Fine Arts, dabbling in the tattoo trade during my earlier years, while majoring in Occupational Therapy as a means to build a financially stable career for myself. My kink for art accompanied by my understanding of blood borne pathogens and such made for a great correlating relationship. Unfortunately, around 4 years into tattooing, I found myself uninspired at the myriad of infinity signs and feather designs I was subjected to and longed for something more, something different. Thankfully around the mid to late 2000s, medicinal use of canna was becoming more and more prevalent. So, while interning in a California clinical setting, surrounded by healthcare professionals who were surprisingly so learned on the advantageous plant, it opened me up to an impressive allotment of studies and documentation backing the seemingly curative benefits of canna.

An effect I used to think I should be ashamed of enjoying as a young woman, is now helping millions of people on a global scale. I even worked at a local dispensary for a good while, as an intern’s salary is not enough to make ends meet, appreciating great pay, the most courteous people you could hope for, additional insight on the botanical aspect of canna, and incentives ideal for optimum relaxation after a long, tedious day of exams and employment.