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Ooze Brink Dry Herb Vape Pen - 1800mAh



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15% OFF Orders $30+ w/ Code "Jun-Flash15"

Color: Panther Black
Panther Black
Midnight Sun
Sapphire Blue

Main Features

  • Pocket-Sized Dry Herb Vape
  • Advanced Ceramic Technology for Peak Efficiency
  • Completely Metal-Free and Consistent Heat
  • Charging LED Light Indicator for Battery Performance 
  • Resilient Battery Capability
  • Spacious Chamber for Longer Sessions
  • Uses Conduction, Convection and Far Infrared Heat Method
  • First and Top-tier 0.5g Chamber


  • Charging Type:Type-C USB Charging
  • Battery Capacity:1800 mAh
  • Temperature Option: Low to High (320°F - 400°F)
  • Heat Method: Conduction - Convection - Far Infrared
  • Vaporizer Compatibility: Flower, Dry Herb
  • Chamber Capacity: 0.5g
  • Manufacturer: OOZE

Product Description

Ready to dive into the Ooze Brink? Grab your link and let's take your vaping to the brink of awesomeness! The Ooze Brink Dry Herb Pen has a compact design that you can bring anywhere and enjoy all day. With its ceramic structure, you can experience an out-of-this-world flavor. Unique with its sub-ohm vaporizer flower design, it can produce a flavourful texture for maximum vaporation. Powerful battery capability, good for all-day consumption. It's also convenient for portable use, especially for beginners. To use, just simply turn on your vape pen, select the temperature, and enjoy! 

What's in the Package

  • 1x The Brink vaporizer device
  •  1x Onyx Atomizer
  •  5 Large Hole Screens
  •  5 Fine Hole Screens
  •  1xCleaning Brush
  •  1xPacking Tool
  •  1xType-C charging cable

How to Use the Ooze Brink Dry Herb Vaporizer:

Loading the Brink

  • Remove the Magnetic Mouthpiece
  • Put your favorite strain in the Nano-Glazed chamber for up to 0.5 grams. We suggest using a medium grind for the best results.
    • Pro Tip: To enhance your experience with finely ground herbs, you might want to place a screen under the mouthpiece to prevent inhaling any particles
  • For optimal airflow, Press down on the herbs softly for compact and even distribution
  • Securely replace the mouthpiece to finish loading


Setting Your Temperature

After packing your vape pen, click the power button five times to turn on the device. Your last session’s heat temperature will be used automatically.

 For your heat preference, use the +/- button twice and hold it down.

    • The 3 temperature ranges are:
      • Low: 320°F-340°F (1 LED)
      • Medium: 350°-370°F (2 LED)
      • High: 372°-400°F (3 LED)


Charging the Brink

  • Use the provided Type-C charging cable to connect the device's port to a wall outlet at the bottom of your vape pen. USB-C Phone Chargers works as well.
  • The light indicator will show you the charge level. Once the light stops, your battery has been replenished!
    • REMINDER:To maintain warranty coverage, only charge your device into a wall outlet with a wall adapter. Never charge this into a vehicle or any Non-outlet charging source.


Cleaning the Brink

  • Remove the mouthpiece and place it aside.
  • Empty the dry remains into a jar or rolling tray for future use (Edibles).
  • Use the brush provided for cleaning any remaining debris from the chamber
  • Use a Micro Swab to gently clean any sticky residue
  • Fully air out and dry the chamber before using it for the next session!


Ooze Brink Dry Herb Vape Pen - 1800mAh  KING's Pipe Color Variant
Ooze Brink Dry Herb Vape Pen - 1800mAh  KING's Pipe Heat Method


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