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Glass Spoon Pipes for Sale

Chameleon Glass - Scooby Doo Glass Pipe
$89.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Dundee Koala Glass Pipe
$49.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Meteor Glass Pipe
$59.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Rainbow Splat Glass Pipe
$47.99 USD
2 Pieces of Mini Cheap Glass Pipes
$9.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Glow In The Dark Cyclops Hand Pipe
$79.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Eyeball Hand Pipe - Glow in the Dark
$36.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Cheshire Cat Glow In the Dark Hand Pipe
$79.99 USD $89.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Brian Glass Pipe
$44.99 USD $46.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - America Glass Pipe
$41.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Cyclops Eyeball Hand Pipe
$79.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Black Glass Pipe with Dichro Stripe
$39.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Fumed Color Changing Glass Pipe
$34.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Northern Lights Glass Hand Pipe
$55.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Lucky Charm Glass Spoon Pipe
$42.99 USD
MAV Glass Spoon Pipe
$29.99 USD

Ahhh, the classic design of a glass spoon. There’s nothing quite like it for your smoke sessions. Also known as hand pipes or dry pipes, spoon pipes are a staple in almost every smoker’s arsenal. Small, easy to use, and super convenient, never underestimate the power of a cheap, high-quality spoon pipe.

What Is a Spoon Pipe?

Okay, just in case you’ve suddenly arrived here from outer space, we’ll talk about exactly what a spoon pipe is. It has four parts — the bowl, the carburetor (known as “the carb”), the stem, and the mouthpiece.

The bowl part of a glass spoon pipe is where you pack and light your favorite herbs. The carb is usually at the same end as the bowl and allows the user to let go of the smoke that builds up in the pipe chamber. The stem allows the smoke to travel to the mouthpiece, where you then inhale it.

Why Use a Spoon Pipe?

Arguably one of the best things about spoon pipes is that they’re so easy to make — and make well — that you can get them without breaking the bank. Even the most intricate glass spoon pipes are usually quite affordable, and at KING’s Pipe, even cheap spoon pipes are made with premium-quality materials.

Plus, these pipes are portable and usually fairly small. If you like to smoke on the go, a quality spoon pipe is for you.

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