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Glass Pipes

AFM - 4" Three Point Compact Glass Smoking Pipe
$29.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Bob-omb Glass Spoon Pipe
$49.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Mad Cat Upright Glass Pipe
$99.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Watermelon Glass Pipe
$62.99 USD
Empire Glassworks 4.5'' Mossy Log Glass Pipe
$89.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Mushrooms Standing Glass Pipe
$89.99 USD
Dark Fritted Glass Pipe
$29.99 USD $49.99 USD
Elevator Glass - Freeze-A-Bowl Glitter Pipe in Sky
$59.99 USD $64.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - 6 inch Honey Pot Glass Pipe
$99.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Donut Glass Pipe
$69.99 USD $89.99 USD
Elevator Glass - Freeze-A-Bowl Glitter Pipe in Hot Pink
$59.99 USD $64.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Eggplant Glass Pipe
$69.99 USD $79.99 USD
Empire Glassworks Hootie PuffCo Proxy Sherlock
$199.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - Boba Ice Bar Glass Pipe
$79.99 USD
Chameleon Glass - Pop Ice Glass Pipe
$89.99 USD
Elevator Glass - Freeze-A-Bowl Glitter Pipe in Lavender
$59.99 USD $64.99 USD
Empire Glassworks - 4'' Mini Honey Pot Glass Pipe
$69.99 USD
Elevator Glass - Freeze-A-Bowl Glitter Pipe in Star Gold
$59.99 USD $64.99 USD
Marley Natural - Large Steamroller
$59.99 USD
Elevator Glass - Freeze-A-Bowl Glitter Pipe in Rose Gold
$59.99 USD $64.99 USD

Glass Hand Pipes for Sale

KING’s Pipe offers a massive selection of unique glass pipes and smoking pieces in an array of colors, prices, and styles. Check out our collection of affordable spoon pipes, Sherlock pipes, chillums, glass blunts, and more.

What Is a Glass Hand Pipe?

One-of-a-kind glass pipes have been the staple of our industry for decades, but have seen a rise in popularity in recent years due to their durability, convenience, and ease of use. With a wide variety of designs and a range of prices to suit any budget (we offer pipes for as little as $9!), it’s no wonder they’ve become an iconic symbol of the smoking scene.

KING’s Pipe offers glass smoking pipes for sale for legal use only, which means you can use our pipes for tobacco and legal dry herbs. Be sure to check your state’s regulations before purchasing a glass pipe from our store, and contact our customer service team if you have any questions.

Premium Selection from KING’s Pipe

At KING’s Pipe, we’ve dedicated endless hours to discovering and obtaining one-of-a-kind glass pipes at trade shows and through our partnerships with glassblowers all over the United States. We’re proud to offer premium pipes for sale from top-quality American brands such as Chameleon Glass and Empire Glassworks, as well as handmade, one-of-a-kind heady glass pieces.

Our pipes come in a huge range of styles — including glitter pipes, silicone pipes, steamrollers, and bubbler pipes — to provide a memorable smoking experience.

Browse our selection of unique and affordable glass pipes today and take advantage of our free US shipping!

Hand Pipes and Glass Pipes for SALE

At KING’s Pipe online headshop, we dedicate endless hours to discovering and obtaining unique glass hand pipes at trade shows, and through our great partnership with glassblowers all over the U.S., We offer large name-brand glass smoking pipes such as Chameleon Glass and Empire Glassworks, as well as handmade, one of a kind heady glass. We offer glass tobacco pipes in different styles including glitter pipes, glass spoon pipes, silicone pipes, steamrollers, bubbler pipes, and chillums. Glass smoking pipes provide a memorable smoking experience, which usually comes in unique designs and colors. KING's Pipe offers our customers high-quality glass pipes and also imported cheap glass pipes at the best prices with always free shipping in the United States.

What is A Glass Hand Pipe?

Glass hand pipes are not a new phenomenon, there has been a staple of the industry for decades and their rise in popularity is due to their ease of use, durability, and convenience.

During the production of the first glass hand pipes, they were basically blown-out glass spoon pipe designs. The color-changing glass smoking pipe was later invented by Bob Snodgrass. This was done by fuming gold or silver so that the borosilicate glass would change colors when used. Bob's discovery of the color-changing glass smoking pipe led to the rise of the glass smoking pipe industry.

Jason Harris was Bob Snodgrass' partner at the time of invention. When Harry worked with Snodgrass, he discovered Jerome Baker Designs. Jerome Baker was a renowned glass bong manufacturer in the world through the '90s and early 2000s. However, Harris was arrested in 2003 by the Federal Government for selling bongs and glass smoking pipes.

The American glass pipe industry faced lots of prosecution by the Federal government for years and this made the industry go underground. Glassblowers and distributors were constantly attacked by the Feds throughout the early 2000s.

However, in due time, the laws against the pipe industry were set to favor the sales of its items and this has led to the legalization of dry herbs on the state level. Currently, glass spoon pipes, hand pipes, and glass smoking pipes can be found in most online headshops in the United States.

Most customers always find difficulties choosing the perfect glass hand pipe. Glass smoking pipes can also be categorized as glass hand pipe, glass spoon pipe, glass smoking pipe, bowl, steamroller, Sherlock, and more. This is because they have similar performances and are all produced from borosilicate glass known as Pyrex glass.

The early production of glass smoking pipes is something to remember. Ancient glass smoking pipes lacked carburetors. However, they were later included in the designs which permitted the consumer to mix air into the chamber. Thus making the user take a larger “hit” in contrast to a smaller hit without the carburetor.

The booming industry has gone through an interesting journey. Due to dry herb legalization in various states, manufacturers can now produce varieties of glass smoking pipes, but this wouldn’t have been possible without pioneers, like Snodgrass.

KING’s Pipe Online Headshop offers glass tobacco pipes only for legal use, which means that they can be used for tobacco, and legal dry herbs only. Please check your state regulations before you buy one from us.

Types of Glass Pipes

KING’s Pipe online headshop offers different types of glass smoking pipes for consumers to choose the one that best suits them. KING’s Pipe also offers a wide selection of glass hand pipes for sale at their online headshop for you to choose the one you love best.

At KING’s Pipe online headshop, you’ll find both high-quality and cheap glass pipes that match your needs and budget. We offer them starting as low as $8.99 for customers who are on a budget and high-quality pipes from the most renowned glassblowers in the U.S. We constantly update our huge variety of glass hand pipes at our online head shop. These are the different types of glass smoking pipes you’ll find at KING’s Pipe online headshop.

Silicone pipes

Silicone pipes rapidly rose in popularity during the last decade. Silicone pipes are very powerful, easy to clean, dishwater safe, and offer many great advantages over conventional glass hand pipes, bongs, bubblers, etc. At KING’s Pipe, you’ll find silicone pipes in a wide variety of colors.

Spoon Pipes

Glass Spoon Pipes can also be called hand pipes or glass smoking pipes, and they are called spoon pipes due to their spoon-like shape. Glass hand pipes with spoon shape are the conventional style of glass tobacco pipes that detail a bowl, a carb, and a mouthpiece. Glass Spoon Pipes are a convenient way of smoking due to their compact size, which perfectly fit in the hand and facilitates smoking on the go. They are the most common type of tobacco smoking pipes. KING’s Pipe provides a massive selection of glass spoon pipes to suit anyone’s style or budget.

Sherlock Pipes

These pipes are highly linked with characters such as Sherlock Holmes. The design is completely made of glass, wood, or metal, and it also has a curved mouthpiece, giving more variety for users who choose different pipe materials. Sherlock Pipes are not as small as regular spoon pipes and this makes them suitable for indoor use. They are known for producing good smoke which makes you look sophisticated. KING’s Pipe offers a wide selection of Sherlock pipes for you to choose from.

Glass Bubblers

Bubblers are well known among smokers due to their portable size and the inclusion of water filtration. Bubblers are much smaller than bongs different than bongs and the bowl of the bubbler is fitted into the pipe rather than a detachable bowl piece that is found in most bongs and water pipes.


The design of steamrollers like The Kind Glass 7mm Glass Thickness 10" Steamroller is similar to chillums, however, they are known for producing harder hits than the average pipes. A few steamrollers have a built-in nail rather than a bowl, meant for oil use. However, both styles are meant to be used with their desired products.


Chillums have a very basic design and they are usually in the form of a straight tube with one end used for inhaling and the other end used for holding lit tobacco. Most chillums are very affordable due to their simple design. Different types of chillums are made from glass or titanium. 


One-hitters or One-Hitter Dugouts are small pipes used for taking only one hit at a time. One-Hitters have only 2 holes, one to hold your dry herbs and the other for a mouthpiece. They don’t have a carb hole. These pipes are manufactured using different types of materials that can be discreetly used by smokers.

Hammer Pipes

Hammer Pipes are usually long pipes that look like a hammer. They have a regular bowl with a carb hole but the distance between the mouthpiece and the glass bowl is longer than a regular glass spoon pipe. Because of this, a glass piece looks like a hammer and it’s called a hammer pipe. The Strawberry Glass Pipe that we carry is a typical hammer pipe because you see the glass tube from the mouthpiece to the glass bowl is about 5 inches. It’s nice to have something different in your collection.