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Love For 420 In The Time of COVID-19


420 Basics

We have been through a lot in the first quarter of 2020 and we are still fighting. Right now, a pandemic has plagued almost all corners of the globe and we are continuously experiencing its effect.

As the Coronavirus spreads, large numbers of the world’s population are contracting it every day. Almost half of the globe is now under strict orders to stay at home to control the infection. As a result, social gatherings, such as 420-related events, are either canceled or postponed in the United States to ensure control over the spread.

The Coronavirus shouldn’t stop Canna lovers in celebrating the 420 counterculture holiday, as long as we exercise preventive measures. We can still take part in the celebrations and express our love for hemp, whether you are a newbie to smoking it or a long-time enthusiast.


Origin of 420

There's been a lot of misconceptions about how the term 420 (read as four-twenty), referring to the date April 20, came to be. It's not a police code. It was associated with canna or the act of smoking canna. Here, we relay the true story.

“420” was the term used by a group consisting of high school students called the “Waldos”. The Waldos went to San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California. The group name presumably means “wall outside the school”, which was the group’s favorite hangout. They used the code “420” to indicate the time 4:20 PM, which is when they would meet after school to smoke pot by the statue of Louis Pasteur.

The term was popularized with the help of the brother of one of the group members, who was in a band. The Grateful Dead's bassist Phil Lesh helped with the popularization of the term which he confirmed in a Huffington Post. The term was also referenced on a High Times Magazine flyer and was continued to be quoted until it became a code for cannabis.

Today, April 20 is regarded as a counterculture holiday wherein people gather and smoke cannabis. Some gatherings on the said holiday are political in nature wherein people advocate for the legalization of canna.

All over the globe, people who know its real meaning use the word accurately to mean smoking dry herbs. Mainly in the United States, a lot of people would also organize, attend, and participate in events, festivals, and social gatherings to celebrate hemp every year on April 20.


Celebrating 420 in 2020

This year would be a bit different because of the pandemic. A bit because we believe the world’s current circumstance shouldn’t stop us from celebrating the Holiday. We can stay at home or in isolation but still enjoy our own supply. We know that one of the things that make a session fun is by sharing your joint and passing it around. In light of the current situation, we recommend not sharing your stock. 

Canna can also help us endure self-quarantine and isolation. It helps relax and clear the mind for positive thoughts to easily get through. You can take advantage of this time to take care of your health, stay at home, relax, get high, all the while being a responsible citizen.

We also would want to make sure that our stash came from sanitary dispensaries or operators. Your supplier should be applying public health, Federal, and the World Health Organization guidance to make sure sanitation procedures are in place.

We may not have the chance to get together to celebrate 420 this year but there are still ways to enjoy it in the comfort of our own homes. Like the Waldos, after a long day, we will still definitely find the time to gather and share our love for 420.


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Stay Safe and Happy Smoking! 

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