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Black Friday Big Sale

black friday

Black Friday Bong and Vape Sale 2020

This year has become the strangest and the most different, for some- probably the most difficult year the whole world has to go through in the 21st century.

A lot has happened and we've made it through from the beginning of 2020 to the 11th month. From natural catastrophes, unfortunate events and losses, and a global pandemic, frankly speaking, if you've made it until this part of these dark times, kudos to you! We are survivors!

Now that Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas is around the corner, we would want to spend the holiday season with our families in a normal and traditional way without having to sacrifice the health safety standards currently set in place. And what is more normal than holiday gifting? May it be a gift for yourself for a job well done this year or gifts for the people you love and who are still with you despite difficult times, you can never go wrong with a present. Have it quickly and smoothly shipped to you or to your recipient with a few clicks on that computer or taps on that smartphone, without leaving the safety of your home. We'll take care of the rest!

We offer Black Friday Sale on our online smoke shop with a wide range of glass collections, vaporizers, and other beautiful smoking accessories from the top brands in the industry today. Below, we've enumerated a few best-selling products you can choose from.

Empire Glassworks - Deep Ocean Glass Pipe

Empire Glassworks - Deep Ocean Glass Pipe

This piece is covered with intricately, carefully designed, and colorful deep-sea figures that would give you a deep-ocean feel whenever you take a hit. This piece is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and has a cab hole on the left side.



2'' Four Layer Grinder

2'' Four Layer Grinder chromium crusher

Grinders are a must-have if you are a dry herb connoisseur. This simple grinder includes a hash powder scooper at an affordable price. Also available in Blue.



7" Simple Dab Oil Rig

7" Simple Dab Oil Rig

Probably the simplest, most basic, most affordable, but quality dab oil rig. It is outfitted with a 14mm Female joint and includes a 14mm Male quartz banger or 14mm glass bowl.



Empire Glassworks - Cactus Glass Bowl - 14mm Male

Empire Glassworks - Cactus Glass Bowl - 14mm Male

Very classy and attractive, Empire Glassworks' Cactus Glass Bowl is definitely a must-have in a glass collection. Not only it is made of high-quality colored glass, it also includes a slider bowl.

Rio Dab Rig Kit (Makeover) - Stache Products

Rio Dab Rig Kit (Makeover) - Stache Products

This dab rig is recommended by a lot of dab rig experts, as it is known to deliver remarkable dabbing experience. It is packed with major features like cold start dabbing, built-in torch, overflow valve, and others. It comes in zip-up case and available in different colors.

A lot of other items are available from our website, whether you are looking for vaporizers, glass pieces, or accessories. Online is the perfect place to be right now to find that perfect gift!

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