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The Best and Top-Rated E-Nails

Best E-Nails

The e-nail, also known as an electronic nail, is one of the most significant innovations in the vaping and dabbing industry. Compared to a handheld blowtorch, an e-nail allows you to precisely control and maintain your preferred temperature. A torch may be more affordable; however, an e-nail is definitely worth as much thanks to the advantages it offers.

What Is an E-Nail?

E-nails, which were created to replace traditional torches, use electricity to produce heat with the help of a rechargeable battery. Using an e-nail isn’t that complex, but because it’s technologically advanced, there may be a slight learning curve. However, the best e-nails are definitely worth it.

E-nails are much safer than their traditional counterparts. With a torch, you can accidentally reach maximum heat, which may result in burns and also scorch your product. E-nails have the technology to avoid reaching these dangerous temperatures, keeping you and your product safe.

The e-nail also allows you to dab with precision, even at your lowest preferred temperature. You can slowly and evenly heat your materials over time, avoiding any burnt taste or wasted product.

A lot of manufacturers have stepped up and taken their e-nails to the next level with improved sizes and features. We've listed the best e-nails on the market today. Take your pick!

Yocan Torch e-nails in a variety of colors

Yocan Torch 2020 E-Nail

Besides being one of the most affordable e-nails on the market today, the Yocan Torch 2020 E-Nail is one of the best portable e-nails when it comes to quality. This e-nail fits both 14mm and 18mm male and female joints, as it comes with a universal attachment. It’s outfitted with Quartz Dual Coil technology, ensuring the production of clean, smooth vapor, and can reach temperatures between 482ºF–536ºF. The Yocan Torch 2020 is one of the best e-nails available under $60 and it comes in different colors!

Yocan Torch XL E-Nail

Yocan Torch XL Portable E-Nail

The Yocan Torch XL Portable E-Nail is — as its “XL” name implies — a larger version of the Yocan Torch 2020 E-Nail. It’s equipped with a powerful, long-lasting 2200mAh battery. Like the original version, it has a universal attachment that makes it compatible with 14mm and 18mm male and female joints.

Unlike the original version, the Yocan Torch XL comes with two coil options: the Evolve Plus XL Quad Coil and the Evolve Plus and Regen Coils. It has a 1.8V 10-second pre-heat setting and three heat options ranging from 3.2V to 4.2V. This is easily one of the best larger e-nails on the market, with higher capacity and an airflow button that allows for enhanced vapor production. Charge your Yocan Torch XL with a USB-C fast charger to guarantee maximum battery life.

G Pen Connect Vaporizer

G Pen Connect Vaporizer E-Nail

Grenco Science has packed the G Pen Connect Vaporizer with advanced features to create one of the best portable e-nails. This e-nail has a built-in 850mAh battery with three voltage options and uses a ceramic heating chamber and patented airflow technology to produce potent and flavorful hits. You don’t have to wait long for this baby to preheat, as it takes only 5 seconds, making it one of the best e-nails. The package comes with a 14mm adapter, but it’s compatible with the 10mm and 18mm, which are sold separately. It’s also available in the Cookies X version.

Airis Dabble Wax Dual Vaporizer E-Nail

Airis Dabble Wax Dual Vaporizer E-Nail

The Airis Dabble Wax Dual Vaporizer E-Nail has impressed the dabbing community. You can use it with 14mm and 19mm joints or use it as a dab pen with the push of a button.

This device offers a hands-free auto-heating mode (though you can also choose manual heating) and is outfitted with the newest patented quartz coil heating technology. With three voltage options (3.4V, 3.7V, and 4.2V), this is truly one of the best e-nails available right now. The Dabble’s 900mAh battery is powered by micro USB charging, and you can choose from a variety of exciting colors.

KandyPens Session E-Nail and Wax Vaporizer

KandyPens Session E-Nail and Wax Vaporizer

The Session is one of the best American-made portable e-nails. Created to be the most powerful next-gen dual vaporizer, it’s got a durable aluminum alloy case. It comes with a long-lasting, built-in 1200mAh battery which has a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Besides being reliable, this battery is compatible with fast USB-C charging, which means less charging time and more dabbing.

The KandyPens Session E-Nail has four voltage options, making it one of the best e-nails in terms of providing users with a lot of temperature choices. It comes with an all-ceramic heating plate and chamber which tends to last longer, as ceramic is known to be heat-resistant. As a safety precaution, it automatically shuts off after five minutes of idle time.

The Session has an ultra-compact design, which makes it the perfect travel partner and one of the best portable e-nails around. Also, the package is an applicator tool keychain. What more can you ask for?

Find Your New Favorite E-Nail at KING’s Pipe

Having an e-nail is certainly a must for all dabbers. Some of the best e-nails are even vaporizers by themselves. Also, many of them are compatible with most glass bongs. Unlike torches, they provide consistent, safe, and dependable heat performance. Grab one and you'll have everything you need! Please share in the comments below which e-nail you like the most!

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