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420 Gifts: a Holiday Gift Guide

young woman smoking bong near neon-colored wall

Who says April is the only time to celebrate 420? Why not appreciate the beauty of all things smoking all year long!

If you have a smoker in your life you’re shopping for this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. KING’s Pipe Online Headshop is your go-to, one-stop-shop for all the stoner gifts you need.

So whether you’re filling a stocking or piling up the presents for your holiday traditions, find everything you need right here at a variety of price points to suit every budget.


Let’s start with the big one — bongs. Now, if you’re shopping for an experienced smoker, they might have all the bongs they need. But a list of 420 gifts is not complete without the mention of a few high-quality bongs, so let’s get started.

The Affordable Bong

Purple Hammer Bubbler Pipe

Let’s start with the affordable, adorable Purple Hammer Bubbler Pipe. This little beauty clocks in at $30 but don’t let the low price fool you — it’s a gorgeous piece anyone would love to own.

It’s made of durable borosilicate glass, meaning it’s resistant to breaking (but not shatter proof, so be careful giving it to your clumsy cousin Todd). It’s small enough to take on the go but big enough to pack a powerful hit.

This stoner gift comes with a left carb hole, three glass marbles as a deco, and a mouthpiece that works as a splashguard. If you need a 420 gift that’s unique, hand-blown, affordable, and reliable, this is your best bet.

The Splurge Bong

product shot Empire Glassworks Mini Deep Ocean Recycler

Empire Glassworks -Mini Deep Ocean Recycler

Empire Glassworks is a big name in bongs and for good reason — their quality is second-to-none. Their Mini Deep Ocean Recycler is no exception and would be the perfect stoner gift.

The deep ocean theme makes for a visually stunning piece that will start conversations and look gorgeous on a shelf. This bong’s hand-blown glass means you won’t believe the level of detail. It would be ideal for someone interested in ocean conservation, or even the sophisticated, artistic smoker in your life.

This bong features a 14mm female joint that comes with a matching 14mm male bowl. Plus, it has a three-slit diffused fixed stem perc for perfectly even, filtered smoke.

This 420 gift is perfect if you have a little extra money to toss toward a present for someone special. Oh, did we mention we accept interest-free payments via Sezzle?

Glass Pipes

Shopping for stoner gifts for that smoker on-the-go? You can’t go wrong with glass pipes. These beautiful devices come in every shape and style from simple and streamlined to ornate.

The Affordable Pipe

Color-Changing Fumed Stripe Glass Spoon Pipe

What could be more fun than a color-changing pipe? This portable little pipe’s glass changes colors as it heats up and the smoke moves through it. Add a little imagination to your smoke sessions when you choose this from our list of 420 gifts.

Plus, at only $25, you can save some money to get a little something for yourself. (We won’t tell.) Use this pipe as a stocking stuffer or the main event!

The Splurge Pipe

Chameleon Glass - 7 Inch Bonehead Typhoon Glass Pipe

Know a smoker who fancies themself as bad to the bone? This pipe is calling their name! It’s unique skull design is made of super-strong borosilicate glass so it’s resistant to breaking. As an added twist, it has a carb hole situation on the skull’s nose.

Enjoy a deep push bowl design to securely hold your herb of choice. Plus, this 420 gift has a Typhoon Air Flow filter that makes it function as a water filtered pipe, too. Enjoy eye-catching, swirling smoke with the clear circular glass design.

Plus, even though this is our “splurge” choice, it’s only about $100, making it one of the more affordable splurges on this list of stoner gifts.

Dab Rigs

What if you’re shopping for someone who’s into dabbing instead of dry herbs? We’ve got you covered there, too — enter our collection of dab rigs!

The Affordable Rig

product shot 7” ShowerHead Perc Water Pipe Rig

7'' ShowerHead Perc Water Pipe Rig

Keep things nice and simple with this showerhead perc water rig. But don’t let it’s straightforward design fool you! This 420 gift packs a powerful toking experience.

It’s made of the same premium-quality borosilicate glass you’ll find in most of our products. This glass is designed to not only be durable but bring you those clean, pure hits you crave. The showerhead perc slits push your smoke in the right direction for the perfect level of diffusion.

Plus, this rig comes with a bent neck for extra comfort! This is especially important if your favorite smoker happens to love chilling on the couch during their sessions. They’re sure to love the accented mouthpiece for a pop of color!

The Splurge Rig

Empire Glassworks - Buzz Little Bee Recycler

Empire Glassworks makes our stoner gifts list yet again! This is a perfect 420 gift for the dabber in your life. They’ll love the hand-blown borosilicate glass design complete with beautiful beehive theme.

Made of 100% American glass, this rig comes with a 14mm female joint and a matching 14mm male banger nail, bee terp beads, and a honey drip bubble cap. It’s even got a bigger mouthpiece for more intense hits.

If you have a smoker in your life who loves little buzzing bees, this recycler is for them!

Vaporizers and Accessories

No list of 420 gifts is complete without a mention of vaporizers. Plus, if you’re feeling really stuck on what to get the smoker in your life, you can’t go wrong with accessories.

The Affordable & Splurge Vapes

We love the Yocan LUX 510 Threaded Vape Pen Battery for discreet hits on the go. The classic pen-style alloy body looks sleek, and it’s ultra-fast adjustable voltage makes for quick hits. Just use the dial at the top of the pen to rapidly switch from 1.8V all the way up to 4.2V.

For those folks on your list who like to vape around the house, we love the 

Dr. Dabber Switch Limited Editions. This stoner gift comes in two limited edition colors: slime green and skunk purple.

With this 420 gift, enjoy 4-second heat up time and 25 calibrated heat profiles, so you get exactly the flavor you want from your hits. It even has a self-cleaning feature!

Smoking Accessories

If you truly have no idea what to get for the smoker in your life, trusty smoking accessories are always a good idea. We have everything from grinders to dab tools to cleaning products. Check out our accessories category for the little things every smoker needs!

Holiday Shopping Made Easy with KING’s Pipe

We hope you’ve loved this list of 420 gifts! Get all your holiday shopping done in one place with KING’s Pipe. Enjoy free domestic shipping on all orders. And don’t forget to join our Rewards Program so you save while you shop!

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