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KING's Pipe - Fritted Disc to Tree Perc Water Pipe Double Frit Disc Perc Bent Neck Dab Rig 16" Fritted Disc to Tornado Straight Water Pipe Bong
Double Frit Disc Perc Bent Neck Dab Rig
Our Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $74.99
Savings: $5.00

* Fritted Disc to Tree Perc
* Ice Pinch
* 13 inch High

* Double Frit Disc Perc
* Bent Neck
* Vapor Oil Rig

* Fritted Disc to Tornado
* 16'' Straight Glass Bong
* Ice Catcher

12 inch Double Fritted Disc Fat Can Water Pipe Glass Bong Double Fritted & Tornado Straight Water Pipe 16 inch Double White Fritted Disc Straight Water Pipe Bong

* 65mm Fat Can
* Double Fritted Discs
* Ice Catcher

* Double Frit Discs to Tornado Perc
* 16'' High
* Ice Catcher

* 16 inch high
* Double Fritted Disc
* Ice Catcher

11 inch Single Fritted FAT CAN Disc Water Pipe Bong KING's Pipe - Tornado and Fritted Disc COMBO Water Pipe 8 inch Single Fritted Disc Bent Neck Water Pipe Bong

* Single Fritted Disc
* 65mm FAT CAN Bong
* Ice Catcher

* Frit to Tornado Perc
* Ice Catcher
* 12'' Glass Bong

* Frit Disc Perc
* Bent Neck Bong
* Compact Size

12 inch Double Fritted Disc Water Pipe Bong KING's Pipe - Single Fritted Water Pipe

* Double Fritted Discs
* Scientific Glass Bong
* 12 inch high

* Fritted Disc
* Ice Pinch
* Scientific Glass Bong


Bongs and Rigs with Fritted Disc Percs

Frit disc percolators have the highest level of diffusion due to the ridiculous amount of air passageways that create bubbles upon bubbles of filtrated goodness! We suggest getting an ashcatcher along with your fritted disc water pipe, oil rig, or recycler as to prevent blockage in your awesome little perc. Frit discs tend to require a heartier rip than most, but it makes up for it with its hardcore stacks!

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