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Hemplights - Spooly for Mini Sized Bic Lighter
$9.99 USD

About Hemplights

Hemplights is known for producing pure, organic, and natural hemp lighters. Originated in the USA, Hemplights has been manufacturing these eco-friendly hemp lighters that are easy and safe to use. A unique brand that created the concept of conventional hemp lighters that are free from harsh butane fumes. Hemplights has made its presence known to the smoking industry by understanding its potential market's need for a safe igniting device and simultaneously creating the absolute substitute for those unhealthy lighting tools that many have been using for ages. As their products began circulating the market, the reviews from its users gave them a thumbs up for providing an exceptional smoking experience. Get a smoother hit and make sure not to flip. Need not to look any further 'cause Hemplights gives you the greenest hemp lighter on the market!