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Labor Day Treat

labor day bong and vape sale

15% OFF Storewide Labor Day Sale: Code Labor420

Expiration Date: September 8th, 2020

As the whole country celebrates the Labor Day Weekend and Labor Day itself on the 7th of September this year, we at KING's Pipe would like to honor and recognize our American Labor Movement. We want to thank all our local workers for all their contributions to the improvement of the American economy.

In celebration of this year's Labor Day, we at KING's Pipe would like to offer our labor workers (may you be a smoker or a dabber) a special Labor Day treat! Make sure you enjoy the long weekend with your favorite wax concentrate, dry herb, or e-juice and make the most out of your material using state-of-the-art and modern water bongsglass bongs, glass pipes, oil rigs, and vaporizers.

Below, we enumerated some of the latest and best-selling products you may be interested in and try. 


KING's Pipe Glass - 10'' Glass on Glass Straight Bong

 10 inch glass straight water pipe

$55.24 after 15% OFF
The perfect sized 10 inch Glass on Glass Straight Water Pipe is an old school, classic-styled, cylindrical scientific glass bong that is still very popular among the smoking community. It is made of safe and high-quality borosilicate glass.


StoneSmith Slash Dab Pen
 stonesmith slash dab pen

$74.99 after 15% OFF
One of the latest, popular, and best-selling dab pen in the market today. The Slash is a Canadian-made vaporizer compatible with wax concentrates. It is outfitted with the most advanced features such as a magnetic mouth attachment, a built-in loading tool, a ceramic heating chamber, and a 1000mAh battery capacity.


Showerhead Perc Ash Catcher

showerhead perc ash catcher

$25.49 after 15% OFF
Enjoying your bong but inconvenienced, as you always have to clean it? Grab one of our Showerhead Perc Ash Catcher! Not only does it make your bong easy to clean, but it also helps your bong bring the best out of your material. The cleaner your bong, the more flavorful your smoke!


Empire Glassworks - Small Water Bottle Dab Rig
empire glassworks - small water bottle dab rig

$212.49 after 15% OFF
Empire Glassworks is very popular when it comes to creating hand-crafted, unique, artful, and intricate glass pieces. One of their best-selling creations is the Small Water Bottle Dab Rig. It is a subtle dab rig that would really pass as a water bottle.


MAV Glass - Hammer Bubbler with Color Accent
mav glass - hammer bubbler with color accent

$29.74 after 15% OFF
The Hammer Bubbler with Color Accent is a carefully hand-crafted portable glass bubbler. This particular model of American glass hammer bubbler is one of KING's Pipe's BEST SELLERS by far, we credit that to its classy, well-made design as well as KP's super sale price!


Pulsar - RoK Electric Dab Rig Limited Editions - Neptune (Blue)
pulsar - rok electric dab rig limited editions - neptune (blue)


$233.74 after 15% OFF
The Pulsar - Rok Electric Dab Rig - Neptune version is a must-grab limited edition. It is outfitted with major features of the original Rok such as coilless atomizer, coilless quartz and ceramic cups, and an all-metal body. It is one of our best-selling dab rigs.


KING's Pipe Glass - 18 inch Glass Beaker Bong

$84.99 after 15% OFF
The KING' Pipe Glass 18 Inch Glass Beaker bong is constructed from Premium-Quality Borosilicate Glass. This scientific glass bong has an 18mm female joint, 14mm/18mm diffused downstem, and a 14mm male glass bowl. A simple yet incredible beaker glass water pipe that you can pack with ice and has a diffused downstem perc giving you a gnarly ass hit for an affordable price.


Stache Products - Rio Makeover Dab Rig Kit
stache products - rio makeover dab rig kit

$212.49 after 15% OFF
The Rio Makeover Dab Rig is definitely a right choice if you are looking for a stylish yet quality and convenient dab rig. It is made for cold-start dabbing and is coilless. The Rio Makeover Rig also includes 14mm female, a new quartz banger 14mm male, micro rig glass bubbler with inline perc, built-in butane torch with overflow valve, glass carb cap, and dab tool to help optimize each and every session. It's hard not to fall in love with it.


Chameleon Glass - Corn Cob Glass Pipe
chameleon  - corn cob glass pipe

$84.99 after 15% OFF
Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, the Chameleon Glass - Corn Cob Glass Pipe is one of our best-selling glass hand pipes. Durable and convenient, it is artfully hand-crafted locally in the US.


Pink Sherlock Bubbler
pink sherlock bubbler

$29.74 after 15% OFF
The 7-inch Pink Sherlock Bubbler will definitely capture everyone's heart! This charming Borosilicate Glass bubbler has a carb hole and water-filtration that will guarantee a sesh smoother than ever. Add this cutie bubbler to your collection at our very affordable price of just under $40!


AFM Glass - Quartz Round Bottom Banger (Beveled Edge)
quartz round bottom banger

$32.29 after 15% OFF
The Quartz Round Bottom Banger has a 90 degrees joint angle which makes it compatible with most oil rigs. This product by AFM Glass is really good especially for cold start dabbing. You simply put a piece of wax or concentrate in the round bottom banger and start heating the bottom by the torch. It will heat up quickly and you can just take a dab. We have all the sizes in both Male and Female for your dab rig!


7pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt
Twisty Glass Blunt

$28.04 after 15% OFF
Handcrafted with Premium-Quality German Schott Glass, the 7pipe's Twisty Glass Blunt's parts include a thick glass blunt and a titanium nitride screw that does an awesome job in taking in all of your ground tobacco or dry herbs. It has a multi-function feature where you can use it as an attachment bowl to your favorite bong! Pop it onto any 14mm female joint and it functions damn near like a perpetual bowl, leaving you with uninterrupted smoking sessions!


We do hope you enjoy the long weekend and decide to grab one of these featured products! Happy Labor Day!

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