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Ashcatchers for Sale

Ashcatchers possess the ability to take toking to a whole other level, even elevating the experience of an already (seemingly) perfect glass bong by adding an extra level of percolation for an insanely clean, filtrated, and smooth rip each and every time. Ash catchers are INEXPENSIVE and even go so far as to keep your glass water pipes CLEANER than the norm (it's gotta be all that added filtration!) plus you can use it on any bong, dab rig, or recycler at any place, anytime! It's a win-win with the right scientific glass ASH CATCHER for you. Let KING's Pipe provide you with these quality, reasonably priced, peripheral accessories so you feel like a king (or queen)!

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Double Honeycomb Recycler Ashcatcher 11 Arm Tree Perc 18mm Ashcatcher Purr Glass Showerhead Perc Full Ashcatcher
Double Honeycomb Recycler Ashcatcher
Our Price: $49.99
(Out of Stock)
11 Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher
Our Price: $36.99
(Out of Stock)
Purr - Showerhead Perc Full Ashcatcher
Our Price: $69.99
In Stock

* 14mm or 18mm Joint
* Recycler Ashcatcher
* Double Honeycomb Perc

* 18mm Male Joint
* 45 Degree
* Tree Perc

* 14mm Joint
* Showerhead Perc
* Branded Ashcatcher

Purr Glass Showerhead Perc Skinny Ashcatcher Grav Labs - Upline Ash Catcher - 14mm Joint - 90 Degree Arm Honeycomb & Showerhead 18mm 14mm Ashcatcher
Honeycomb & Showerhead Ashcatcher
Our Price: $36.99
(Out of Stock)

* 90 Degree Joint Angle
* Showerhead Perc
* 32mm Skinny Ashcatcher

* Upline Ash Catcher
* 14mm Male Joint
* 90 Degree Arm

* 14mm or 18mm Joint
* 90 Degree
* Honeycomb & Showerhead

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