Affiliate Program
Make a ton of cash by telling people about us…

Our awesome affiliate program allows you to generate a solid income, just by telling people about us! It's as easy as posting a link to our site and racking in that dough. We'll send you your own unique URL which will automatically track all of the sales you produce, then we'll shoot you 8% commission from purchases made from your link. More than other leading affiliate programs in the industry today! Once your total earnings reach $50, we'll cash you out. Easy peasy! We even provide banner ads and text links that you can choose, copy & paste. So sign up today and take advantage of this gnarly opportunity to stack them racks, baby!

How to start making that money NOW:


Sign up for a KP affiliate account


Receive a unique referral link.


* Insert your link on any website, blog, social media account, etc.


Get paid 8% of each sale you generate via your link

I mean, Imagine the billions of people that surf our glorious, infinite internet everyday. Now imagine if a few hundred, thousand, or even million of those folks are infatuated with the wonderful world of water pipes, rigs, vaporizers, OH MY! Everyone is a potential customer, whether they smoke or not, because pipes are also a kick ass treat for any birthday or gift-giving holiday. Am I right, or am I right?! So don't miss out on another one of KING's Pipe's amazing programs, specifically engineered to give back to our favorite people... Our super rad customers!

* Absolutely NO advertisements via Google AdWords, Yahoo Advertising, or Bing Ads allowed!


What is the goal of KING’s Pipe’s Affiliate Program?
The goal is to drive traffic into the website and convert such traffic into sales that will be shared with the affiliate. So both the company and the affiliate generate revenue.

How can this be done?
By partnering with affiliates who will advertise the website using various means such as websites, blogs, forum and social media posts, traffic is directed into the website which is then converted into sales once they purchase. They will be given a link or a banner that can place on their end for customers to click on.

Who can be affiliates?
Any customer can sign up as an affiliate. A customer has to sign in and enter their website and Tax ID number. Once a customer has entered their information and clicked Continue, they’ll receive a notice that their affiliate account submission will be reviewed before activation.

What are the advantages of being an affiliate?
Being an affiliate allows customers to earn commission for every sale made by customers who were forwarded from the affiliate’s website.

How much can an affiliate earn?
The amount that an affiliate may earn will depend on how much sales are converted from the traffic that the affiliate generates to the site.

When will the affiliate be paid?
Payments are made once every month provided that the affiliate reaches the payment threshold for the month which is $50. If not, the accumulated commission will be added for the next succeeding month’s total.

What are the payment methods?
Affiliates shall receive checks by mail for commission payments or payment through PayPal.

Can an affiliate monitor the earnings?
Once a customer has been made an affiliate, they can log in to their account and click Visit My Affiliate Page. From here, they'll have access to reports on the number of click-throughs, sales, and commission they have generated as well as up to 4 sub-affiliates that can be registered under them.

Can an affiliate run ads to help get their affiliate link out there?
You may run ads on other websites but absolutely NO advertisements via Google AdWords, Yahoo advertising, or Bing Ads allowed.

From their accounts, affiliates will also be able to create HTML banner ads that can be posted on websites and in emails. These banner ads will contain links back to your store plus affiliate ID information for tracking purposes.

Finally, this page will contain the affiliate's link. This link is the URL of your store accompanied with the affiliate's ID information – it will redirect visitors to your store and will record all sales and click-throughs under the affiliate's account. Affiliates will want to copy this URL and embed it as a hypertext link on any websites or in any email/online marketing material they have access to.